Aryabhatta Public School is an English medium, co-educational school aiming to provide quality education to the students. It is situated in the land of deserts, Rajasthan in a district named Juniya. Mr. Manoj Dhaker is the honorable Director of the School. He is a man of former vision and dreams of making the budding generation smart and intellectual. The school administration gives its best to maintain the quality of the education provided to the students. The school offers a pleasant environment for students to grow, explore and develop a broader mindset to welcome the breeding technologies with open arms.

The Challenges Faced Before Implementing jiSchoolERP

The director of the school says that despite their continuous efforts, they were facing many problems in managing attendance records of the students and staff efficiently. The teachers had to spend their valuable time to take the attendance of the students in each class and then maintaining the manual records. It was very time consuming and inefficient. Sometimes, teachers had to invest long hours preparing the attendance register. The same problem was faced by the school management to maintain the manual attendance records of the teachers and to calculate their leaves and working days to dispatch salaries. 

Another issue was faced by the accounts department of the school in maintaining the fee records of the students. Managing the fee details of a large number of students was creating many problems like errors in fee counting, conveying wrong details to the parents and notifying parents about the fee submission dates. Also, generating the paper receipts for fee submission was time absorbing.

Solutions Offered

After trying various manual ways to overcome the existing problem that yielded not many results, the school got to know about jiSchoolERP and decided to find the solution through technology. They tried demo sessions for a few days before permanently employing the software in their system. After demo sessions, they were very much satisfied with jiSchoolERP and decided to get it for their school. Our experts guided them to install the software in their system and conveyed necessary information about the features and functionalities of the software.

The attendance management system of jiSchoolERP proved to be very beneficial for the school as it completely automates the process of attendance management. The attendance records of students, as well as the staff, were digitally prepared by the software. Also, the advanced feature of our software enabled the school to send the attendance report of the students to their parents daily through SMS alert on their phones. The problem of fee management was also tackled efficiently by the fee management feature of jiSchoolERP. The software generates fee records of each student automatically including total fee, paid fee, remaining fee, pending fee and late fee. Also, it generates digital fee receipts saving the time of accounts department. The parents now get a notification on their phones regarding fee submission dates. jiSchoolERP overall proved to be highly useful for Aryabhatta Public School.

From The Desk of The School Director

Mr. Manoj Dhaker, the director of Aryabhatta Public School Says, "jiSchoolERP has simplified the process of managing attendance and fees. Seeing the efficiency of the work done by the software, we applaud ourselves for investing in it. It has really advanced our school system and has built enormous trust in parents for school. Now, we are able to invest our time in planning ways for the development of our students. It has taken the burden off the teachers' and the managements' shoulders. We are glad to put our trust in jiSchoolERP."


  • Manages attendance and notifies parents on a daily basis
  • Easily calculates the working days at the end of the month
  • Generates monthly attendance reports
  • Accurate management of fee records
  • Saves time and efforts
  • Keeps parents notified about fee details
  • Generates digital fee receipts

About jiSchoolERP

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