Now, attending and managing parents queries is no more a hassle as jiSchoolERP has brought us smarter solutions. Now parents are informed in advance, notified about the upcoming events and can even get information about their kids. I personally feel that we couldn't have found a better solution than jiSchoolERP for our school, says Abu Thair, the Director of North East Global School.

About North East Global School

North East Global School is a well reputed school offering grades from nursery to senior auxiliary, situated in Assam. The school allows students to set clearer career objectives, practice better learning methodologies, knowledge cooperation in differing learning spaces.

Challenges faced before using jiSchoolERP

Earlier, the school administration used to write up the necessary information in daily diaries to convey the information to the parents. During this, some students forgot to show their diaries to their parents and the information couldn't be delivered accurately. Moreover, in case of some immediate holidays due to bad weather conditions or any other reasons, the school used to send SMS and Whatsapp messages to the parents registered contact numbers. And out of these contact numbers, some numbers were old ones or not working.

Secondly, parents had a complaint about the students academic performance and only got academic reports on the PTM's. On the whole, the school was facing the communication barriers with the parents regarding the student academics and other necessary school information.

After implementing jiSchoolERP

Meanwhile, the school got to know about jiSchoolERP over social media and we planned an online demo session for them. Our experts shared how the software works and what all features did it comprised of. We heard their requirements and challenges clearly and told them about our software about how it can automate the complete process and enhance the parent's communication. jiSchoolERP comprises of features via which parents get notified regularly about all the necessary information about the school.


  1. Taking attendance and notifying parents on a daily basis
  2. Sending homework on a regular basis
  3. Sending information about school events, functions, and other activities.
  4. Sharing examination, report cards, and other academic information on a regular basis.
  5. Offered live tracking of the school bus/transportation for student safety.
  6. Sending students feedbacks and other necessary alerts like fee submission dates, etc.

About jiSchoolERP

jiSchoolERP is an ideal school management software designed for small startup schools to large international schools. We help a lending hand to global wide schools for streamlining school management tasks. Starting right from the admission process, fee management, examination, library, and transportation tracking, jiSchoolERP acts as a one-stop solution to meet today's school requirements.

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