Little Scholars School, situated in Mohali is one of the parents favorite school for the beginning of their kids future. The school was established in 1991 as a co-education and English medium school, affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. Principal, Aashima Sharma herself states that personal attention is the hallmark of the system which has so far brought many laurels to the school and surely many more will follow in the years to come.



Problems during the Admission sessionsDuring the peak admission sessions, managing the chaos while distributing the school prospectus and other school details was a time-consuming and a hectic task for the staff members. Repeating the same things millions of times was just not acceptable. So, the management team demanded a smooth platform where they could easily deliver the information to the parents smoothly.


Improper Communication amongst the teachers and students: We still remember when we approached the school, it was around their examinations about to begin. Teachers were struggling as some students were absent and could not get the notes on time. Moreover, there were cases while some of the students felt shy while getting their doubts clear from the teacher. Even most of the students weren’t aware of the updated notes and syllabi. The situation was a real pain at that time.

Unmanaged system for maintaining Data Records: The school management complained of the data loss while they looked up for student’s contact details in case of an emergency or so. Either the data was missing or they were unable to find it. Managing the personal data, examination data, account details, fee details, it was just difficult to handle manually.



Easy Admissions: We offered them with a reliable solution over which the management team can easily upload the latest prospectus. Further, the parents or guardians can get the updated information on the school-related details and the prospectus too. This came up as a relief for parents too as they got instant services without waiting for the email response from the school.

Smooth Communication: Keeping in mind all the issues teachers and students were facing, we planned to rescue all of them in one go. Want to know how it worked out?

For teachers, we offered a solution where they could share the latest notes, assignments, projects, and other study material over the online app instantly at any moment of the day. Students can further easily access their accounts and get the shared information and begin with the preparations.

For students, in case they have any query or any such doubt, they can directly write it down and send it to their respective subject teacher. As the teacher clarifies it and writes a reply back, the student can get through it.

Error-free Data Management: Emphasizing the points discussed with the school management and as per the problems put forward, we tried overcoming all of them with a reliable and hassle-free solution. All the student data records including his personal details, examination records, fee records, other activities details were uploaded over the app.

Once uploaded, the data will get permanently saved on a definite path. In future whenever the staff needs to search the data of any respective student, they can simply search him by mentioning his name, or class, or even depending on the academic year and get the accurate results instantly.



The principal herself felt a huge transformation which we brought in the whole management of their school campus. The staff shared with us the easy flow of information, hassle-free data management over a platform where there were no chances of data loss with 100% reliability. On our end, it was interesting to work with the school and reach up to their expectation level and finally offering them what they were looking for quite a long time!