Key Role Of School Management Software In Higher ROI

Like all other industries, the business industry has also its own set of terms, and one such term is ROI - Return on Investment. It portrays the financial benefit earned from an investment by any institution or firm. It is somewhat based on the concept of 'what you seed, you will harvest'. In business, ROI is used to determine the effectiveness of marketing. The main goal of ROI is to invest a minimum and earn maximum from it. In The Educational Industry Too, ROI Matters A Lot! How?  Educational institutions such as scho...

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Benefits Of Transport Management System For School

What Is The School Bus Transport Management System?  The transport management system is an integral part of jiSchoolERP - the School Management Software. It is a tool that helps students, parents, staff, teachers, and management to keep track of the transport system in the school. It also helps to ensure each student's safety and security in the most efficient way possible. Why Transport Management System Is Necessary?

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Launching the Most Awaited Module- Attendance Management

The traditional way of taking attendance has been outdated now. Various school management software is available in the market which has rapidly replaced the existing manual attendance. This software not only acts as a time saver but does offer us a precise and error-free atmosphere. Thereby, talking about the hectic attendance system, this software deducts the manual work of marking the attendance for hours and offers you an automated system which manages and tracks students attendance automatically. jiSchoolERP is one such top school management software that offers you the maximum...

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