What Is The School Bus Transport Management System? 

The transport management system is an integral part of jiSchoolERP - the School Management Software. It is a tool that helps students, parents, staff, teachers, and management to keep track of the transport system in the school. It also helps to ensure each student's safety and security in the most efficient way possible.

Why Transport Management System Is Necessary?

A student's safety is the topmost priority of the school and duty towards parents. The transport management system tool helps to keep the data of each student's fee, route, personal details, attendance, and other related reports. This data can be an assuring factor for the parents and the school management to track the daily status of the student. In case of any mishap, immediate actions can be taken by the parents on the basis of the alerts they receive on their handy devices.

A School Bus Transport Management System is necessary to solely consider the safety of every individual student in the most efficient manner possible. It also helps to keep a record of the Transport system as a different branch in the management process. Keeping the record of the transport services, defining their routes, managing fees, initiating the collection of fees and scheduling is a tiresome task if done manually. All this can be made easy with the help of a transport management system.

Features Of A School Bus Transport Management System

Once you have attached a student's information to the tool, it will start to generate all reports that revolve around the transportation facilities of the student.

  1. Transport Details and Reports - The tool will cater to all details of the driver, attendant, and vehicle updates in order to keep parents, management and the other stakeholders in the loop of all important information.
  2. Complete Fee Management - The Fee details, payment of the fee and the calculation of the fee can all be done through the transport management system
  3. Attendance Updates - While the kid just jumped out of the house, that is, the parent's safety, he/she lands in the safety of the school management system. The parents can make sure that the kid reached the school safely by attendance updates.
  4. Transport Alert to Parents - In case the bus changes due to faulty machinery, or it cancels due to bad weather, or the last date of the transport fee, or the kid's attendance, parents will be alerted on all such situations to act well in advance. This is done so that the kid's school life is hampered the least.

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Benefits Of The Transport Management System

  • Safety - Safety is equivalent to the peace of mind of the parents. The transport management tool is one step closer to the peace of mind of the parents as they can ensure in real-time that their kids are secure and safe.
  • Optimized Routing - In case there are specific routes from where the students are coming, the school management could allocate specific routes to each transport in order to ensure that students do not have to travel all the way to the city and back to reach school. This saves the time of the drivers and the student's time, resulting in the optimal use of resources.
  • Fee Tracking - The Fee details, payment of the fee and the calculation of the fee ensures that each student has paid its monthly and is traveling will all backlogs cleared. The pending fee details can hence be sent to parents through SMS alerts.
  • Scheduled Timings - The parents will be alerted on the exact pick-up and the drop-off timings of the kid's transportation facility. This will enable parents to keep them further secure by responding to that notification and being present at such times to receive or leave their kids.


The Transport Management System by the software by jiSchoolERP is capable to track the student's transport in real-time and keep the school, management and the stakeholders updated with the needfuls of the transportation system in the most efficient manner. One tool is capable of reporting multiple authorities and hence ensuring the complete safety of the kid.