The traditional way of taking attendance has been outdated now. Various school management software is available in the market which has rapidly replaced the existing manual attendance. This software not only acts as a time saver but does offer us a precise and error-free atmosphere. Thereby, talking about the hectic attendance system, this software deducts the manual work of marking the attendance for hours and offers you an automated system which manages and tracks students attendance automatically.

jiSchoolERP is one such top school management software that offers you the maximum features to manage attendance with optimum outputs. Which all features make jiSchoolERP’s attendance module attractive are briefly described below.

Economical services

Deploying an automated attendance module directly deducts the huge capital spent on the paperwork for marking the attendance. Managing, marking, submitting, maintaining data records is just a tiring task for the staff members. Hence, turning out an effortless and a cost-effective solution for you.

Automatic Calculations

During the end of a session, it becomes really complicated for the staff members to calculate the annual attendance report of each and every student. The automated attendance module already generates the thorough attendance report of all the students, which can be checked at any moment.

Ease of visibility

Want to quickly review which all students or staff members are absent either class-wise or section-wise or department-wise? jiSchoolERP offers you a feature to view a compiled list of the absent or the present students/teachers depending on the mentioned criteria of search.

A hassle-free flow of data

Unlike manual system, the attendance management module will automatically generate the leave related information and display you the details of students on leave, medical leaves, present students, or any attendance related information in an easy & clear format.

0% Chances of Errors

Remember, humans commit mistakes, machinery doesn’t. As the data records are managed on an automated server platform, thereby reducing the chances of mistakes or any duplicity. Just stay carefree and depend on the reliable services under jiSchoolERP.

Time-Saving solution

Forget the huge time spent on the paperwork for marking the student's attendance. Just save that time with jiSchoolERP and utilize that time for concentrating on the academics and performance of students instead of filling the long registers.

Is jiSchoolERP secure enough?

Before you invest in a school management software, make sure do they offer any security aspects or not. Only the cost and features aren’t enough unless your data is not secure. In case of any data records loss in the manual system, it is impossible to get them back. The jiSchoolERP module offers the backup option to safeguard your data. It generates the backup of the data on a regular basis automatically.

So, nothing to worry about in case of any data loss, simply get the generated backup and retrieve the complete data instantly. Moreover, jiSchoolERP offers you the premium services with 24/7 support and solutions at the most reasonable costs. These features would surely force you to switch onto a service like jiSchoolERP. We assure you the best services in the market, go ahead and reach us for further details.