Innovation has changed the way that schools communicate with parents. While a couple of years ago the school diary was the only way for teachers to update parents about school activities. Be that as it may, today the online school management solutions has made a variety of tools to empower teachers to cooperate with parents and create a beneficial learning environment. In any given school, the teachers and the administrative departments are occupied with various exercises, for example, management of school timetable, school fee collection, administration of school cleaning teams etc.

Regularly keeping parents updated and parent communication sneaks by the teachers' radar and gets consigned to just the basic must-know details. However, most parents like to remain aware of all the everyday exercises of their kids. In this situation, an online school ERP system is the best solution that will help schools effectively deal with the parent and teacher communication. The following is the list of ways a school ERP can help parents to remain connected with schools:

Scheduling PTA Meetings: Utilizing the school ERP software, you can alert parents about the upcoming parent-teacher meeting dates so parents can block these dates for school. Any changes in the time or date of the meetings can likewise be immediately imparted to the guardians, along these lines staying away from any miscommunication.

Access to Progress Report: Parents, today jump at the chance to stay updated about their child's school performance. Rather than sitting tight for the yearly report card day, an education ERP software can enable guardians to get real-time access to the child's in-class performance. This guarantees that any hole in student's learning and understanding can be recognized promptly and parents can help with the required tutoring before the hole turns into a critical issue.

Updated Attendance Report: Utilizing the school management software, parents can stay updated on their kid's attendance report. The education ERP software can send automated text messages and emails with the goal that parents can be promptly alarmed if their child were to miss a day of school.

Important Notifications: Rather than depending on the age of system of communication through a paper, the school ERP software can send messages to the parents about all essential school updates. The school can even schedule automated reminders, closer to the date to prompt parents to finish essential actions, for example, payment reminders, permission reminders.

Live Bus Tracking: We live in uncertain circumstances and numerous parents need to always stay updated on the whereabouts of their child including the times they travel to school or travel for school trips and picnics. An online school ERP system shares a detailed route map with parents and alerts them when the child boards and gets off the bus. It also sends cautions to guardians when the vehicle is speeding or meets with an accident.

Today there is a lot of research-driven evidence that has demonstrated that family involvement in a child's academic life is a key indicator of a student's prosperity. Different experts believe that a positive connection between the parent and the teacher affects a student's future achievement and development both in and outside of the classroom. Using an education ERP software is one of the best ways to incorporate the latest technology and keep parents updated about home assignments, school occasions, educational strategies and children's scholarly and non-scholastic performance.