Ek Onkar Smart School is an English medium co-educational school located in Mohali, Punjab. The school focuses on delivering quality education to the students and has the latest facilities in the school. Students enjoy learning in the smart classes and have a joyful learning environment at the school. The whole school administration puts its best efforts to uplift the education industry by keeping students aware of the education significance.


The director of the school addressed many problems from the school administration and from the accounting staff. They shared that:

Their main concern was to collect fees in a hassle-free manner and deliver the right information to the parents. But this was not at all an easy task. As the school has a large strength of 500+ students, it was a tedious job for the accounts department to collect the fees and manage the records accurately.

The school even hired more people in order to make the process more simpler and manageable, but still there came up many problems like- errors in fee counting records, delivering wrong fee details to the parents, sharing the last fee submission details to the parents was an issue, etc. This even resulted in the school’s financial disbalance and even loss of parents trust due to incorrect fee information. So, the school was looking for some automated system or software which could manage their complete fee management system accurately and uplift the accuracy level.


After long efforts and research, the school found jiSchoolERP as the appropriate software for their school requirements. To be certain about their decision, the school firstly tried our free demo session for a few days. As they were satisfied with the results, they finalized their decision and made mind to invest in our software.

The fee management module of jiSchoolERP worked appropriately with the school requirements which automated the complete fee management system of the school. The tool manages the complete fee records accurately regardless of student strength. Moreover, the software even has a functionality of sending automated messages, SMS alerts to the parents regarding the pending fee details, the last date of fee submission and other necessary details related to students fees.


Regardless of a number of problems our school was facing in the fee management, jiSchoolERP had perfect solutions for all of them. Managing fee is no more tedious and hassles for our staff. We are overwhelmed with jiSchoolERP and would recommend this software for all the schools who are looking for a suitable and affordable school management software, says Miss Onkar, says the School Director.


  • Accurate management of fee records

  • Hassle-free management

  • Saves time and efforts

  • reduces the need for staff involvement

  • Keeps parents notified about fee details

  • Quickly send SMS alerts


Whether a startup school or an international school, jiSchoolERP is an ideal software which serves to the daily requirements of any sized school. From the admission process, fee management, library, transportation and examination, we cover all the modules. All the services are offered at affordable prices, so you can choose our plans without hesitation. Or you can even get our free demo sessions.