Managing time in today's fast-moving world is an essential step for the growth of every institute or organization. The school administration invests plenty of time preparing timetables for different classes. This is the reason why schools require an efficient timetable management system. Effective time management at school is important to provide a good learning experience to students and optimize the available resources. 

A timetable management system is a software that automates the task of timetable planning and scheduling. It facilitates schools and institutes to create, edit and rearrange the timetable according to their requirements with little human intervention. Moreover, it enables the school administration to broadcast the digital timetable on the students' dashboard, which eliminates the need for paper printing of timetables. School management can easily modify the daily schedule without having to reprint the timetable. Read the complete blog to know-how a timetable management software helps the schools create a better environment for students' development.

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Advantages of Timetable Management Software

  • Saves Time by Effortless Scheduling: Planning, scheduling and creating timetables manually for various classes is a complex and time-taking process for the management. It requires hours of paperwork to sort out the availability of the teachers, lecture timings, and lesson distribution. Implementing a timetable management software automates the complete process of scheduling and managing timetables. It smartly creates timetables for different classes without errors or overlapping. This saves the time of the school management and enables them to focus on other important things.
  • Reduced Errors: If the timetables are prepared manually, the management may make a few mistakes since human beings are prone to make errors. A small mistake may disturb the whole system and also you might need to reprint all the timetables. A timetable management system automates the process of timetable preparation. Thus, eliminates all kinds of human errors. In case there is a mistake, you can edit the routine with just a few clicks.
  • Go Paperless: Timetable management involves a lot of paperwork in scheduling, planning, and printing of timetables. Piles and piles of papers need to be stored for future reference. With routine management software, the timetable can be prepared digitally eliminating the paper requirements. Also, the data can be digitally stored. This facilitates your school to save the resources to a great extent.
  • Customizable & Flexible: A coherent timetable management software fits into your system easily because of its flexibility and customizability. The software is easily customizable to fit in your languages, region, number of classes, subjects, etc. You can easily customize the software in accordance with the needs of your school and take advantage of the smartly managed curriculum.  
  • Multilingual Support: The software is not confined to one or two languages. You may use the timetable management software from anywhere in any language used in your school. It allows you to create the timetable in the language used in your location.
  • Substitution Timetable: If a teacher is absent for a day, it becomes very difficult for the administration to find his substitute for the day. It required them to go through all other timetables to figure out the available teachers in various time slots. With timetable management software, you no longer have to invest so much time in searching for substitutes as the software does it in no time.
  • Payroll Management: With traditional ways of timetable management, it becomes very tedious to calculate the payroll of every faculty member. It requires the management to go through various spreadsheets, and records. A timetable management system makes it easy for you to manage payrolls as it evaluates the number of working days and the lectures delivered by the teacher.
  • Generates Reports: The software generates monthly reports stating the leaves taken by the faculty, substitutions assigned and working hours of every faculty member. The reports make it easy for the school administration to assess the teachers and evaluate their remuneration.

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Get the Comprehensive Timetable Management System For Your School

If you are struggling with manual ways of managing and planning timetables at your school, then it is time you make a required shift to the digital method. The routine management software not only eases the task of management but also allows the school authority to provide better education to the students. It enhances your system and facilitates a better work process. You can now implement a smart and effective timetable management system by jiSchoolERP in your institute to streamline various complex tasks. Contact us to get more information.