In this world where technology has fully acquired us, we cannot imagine the time when people use to do a lot of hard work and put a lot of efforts to get the work done. Right from the beginning of the day till the time we go off to sleep at night we stay in touch with hi-tech devices. From responding to a simple phone call to watching your favorite show streaming on various apps on our smartphones and tv all make use of technology. Isn't it? Most of the technologies are being developed by keeping in mind the younger people. This is so because these people are the early adopters who understand the need and implement the latest technologies in their daily lives. Talking about the different industries, mechanization and automation has become part of every sector and is playing an influencing role in its development. In such a phase of development and success, why schools remain behind?

Schools have many tasks that demand a lot of manpower and consumes a lot of time as well. This often interrupts the primary objective of the school i.e. delivering education. Let's take an example, what most of the teachers do in their free periods? Some of them are engaged in maintaining attendance registers? Some in analyzing and marking student performance in the report card, some other in doing some least important tasks? But why are they appointed? For teaching right!! The free period is the best time where teachers can relax and think of creative and innovative ideas to deliver education in a simplified way. But instead of focusing on the major objective they usually remain engaged in time-consuming tasks.

This all creates a need and demand for automation tool in the education industry as well. There are many hi-tech schools with hi-tech students who are still relying on the archaic way of the management school. School management software, the automated technology that transforms the school environment and brings a great revolution in the education sector.

Understand the Basic of School Management Software

An online school management software is a solution that offers a great solution to a lot of issues arising from the outdated processes and functions that retards the growth of educational institutes. In simple language, the software helps in automating everything from finance management, to keeping a record, creating and recording data, managing attendance, library and lot more. In all the software is the best and the most capable companion that helps in seamlessly running an educational institute.

For Whom the Online School Management System Built For?

As the name suggests, online school management system is built to operate the school seamlessly. But the right and perfect implementation of the software benefits teachers, students, and parents as well. The use is not limited to one particular audience and hence benefits both teaching and non-teaching staff efficiently.

Why Should You Choose School Management Software?

For effective use of ERP software and to make the educational institute highly productive our school ERP software has some of the best features that make it stand out from the rest. Our software is built by keeping in mind the basic and advanced requirement of the schools and thus offer maximum benefits by adding all the essential features in our software.

Time Table Management: Time Table is an important part of every educational center and plays a vital role in managing different aspects like allocation of faculty to the classes, announcing an important event, time allocation, and management of day-to-day activities. With jiSchoolERP it becomes easy for the educational institutes to manage their timetable accurately and to save time and efforts of the staff member in scheduling and managing the working hours. Also, the software helps in viewing the list of timetables of the staff, students, in a date-wise manner or on a particular day thus brings innovation and hence productivity.

Admission Management: Don't you think that it is quite difficult to keep record and manage the entire process of admission manually. Most of the time, due to some reasons the crucial data could get lost. To prevent such things, school management software comes with advanced features that automate all the task and help in seamlessly performing the entire process. This saves the priceless data and also offer you a seamless way to access the data anytime and from anywhere.

Attendance Management: The most important task that the school performs is to manage attendance. Asking teachers to manage it manually, eats away a lot of time that could have devoted to teaching students in the class. Also, managing the record manually can result in human error as well. Here, the role of our school management system comes into play. It automates the attendance process and helps in saving time and energy of the staff.

Document Management: Keeping record and management of all the documents ranging from students' homework to the confidential report cards the teachers have a lot of tasks to do. With document management software the schools can organize documents, invoices, and reports efficiently. Also, it helps in tracking and communicating with students, parents, and staff. It makes it easy for the user to download the necessary document in one click, import, and export the documents and files, recording invoice, etc.

Fee Management: Management of fees is one of the most important modules for all the schools. It is very important to keep it defined and away from the scope of any kind of error. With jiSchoolERP it is easy for schools to streamline their management by automating the whole process thus reducing the manual work. It becomes easy for the administrative department as well to create the fees cycle of the school and to manage the year-wise and class-wise fees structure of the school.

Staff Record: Along with students, it is also important to manage the staff of the school. This includes management of attendance, leave and salary. If your school has the number of teachers and other non-teaching staff members it often becomes tedious to manage and to calculate their salary at the end of the month. Automating the whole process with school management software make the process easy and seamless.

Student Record: With the student management software, it becomes easier for the schools to facilitate the tasks and assignments to students and other stakeholders. It helps in getting the information regarding the date on which work is assigned when to submit, and other details regarding the assignment. This helps teachers in analyzing student performance and also enable them to modify the homework assignments whenever required.

Library Management: Library is the core of every school and thus require a lot of attention. Managing a library in the schools is one of the most tedious tasks and has an increased chance of error in keeping a record of every single book. With the effective library management system, it becomes easy for the staff to look up their inventories of books, and to get the latest information regarding the books. Also, it makes it easy to scan each barcode thus keeping the track of every issued book and the one present in the library.

Expense Management: While running a school it becomes very important to keep a check on the daily and monthly expenses of the school. It offers all the features and functionalities that are essential to managing the finances of the school. The software allows the school administrator to manage the complete expense made in school along with all the relevant information like amount, date and type of expenses. Also, the user can add a new expense, make quick notification and helps in managing the records in an accurately.

Examination Management: Examination the only way that helps in analyzing student performance, play a very vital role. It is essential to keep track of all the examination being conducted including theory, practical, etc. With school ERP software the schools can manage the schedule of each exam and help in notifying about it through various means.

Event Management: With event management module it becomes easy for the educational institutes to create, communicate, notify, and efficiently promote events. It becomes easy for the staff member and students to get the calendar that enlists all the academic and non-academic occasions. Thus, it helps students and teachers to prepare themselves in advance for the upcoming event.

Transport Management: Managing the transport is very important to ensure the safety and security of the students studying in your school. This not only requires a good and spacious vehicle but also the way to manage and track it. With the effective school management system, it becomes easy to manage the transport facilities. It makes it easy to keep track of the routes being taken by the bus to the school premises and ensure that the driver is following the path mentioned. This is a very important feature regarding student safety while they are on their way.

Bottom Line

All the above features help you in building an effective and productive school environment. Many upcoming features will further help in simplifying the whole tasks thus help schools in saving a lot of time and money. So if you want to enhance the education system then it is the time to automate the whole process and to deeply focus on the students' performance and productivity.