Schools play a vital role in deciding how a child will turn out in future-including his academic growth, etiquettes and IQ, all is decided in the school. More than learning at home, children learn more from school while interacting with the other students and teachers. So, being a school owner/principal, it's your prime responsibility to take care of student's experience at school and offer them a better learning environment.

Apart from offering a good academic experience, it even becomes necessary that you keep all the students and parents updated with the latest school information like events, attendance reports or even send the homework when the student is on leave. Agree? This is the point where the SMS module makes an entry. Never heard about SMS module for schools? No worries! Keep on reading and get an idea of how the SMS integration feature can assist schools.

What is SMS integration feature?

An SMS module is an efficient communication tool which helps in parents, students and teachers communication and keeping them informed at all times. So, it will not only benefit the school administration but will help in building a strong network with the parents. So, let's get a quick overview of how SMS integration will help the education industry.

Benefits of SMS module for schools

  • Pending Fee Status: It often happens that parents forget the fee submission dates due to their busy schedules. In this case, SMS module will automatically schedule reminders for the parents which will mention the fee submission dates, last dates, amount of fee to be paid, pending fee and other important information related to fees.
  • Student Absentees Reminder: With the help of an SMS module, it can be made sure that the parents are informed if their child is absent on any particular day. This helps in keeping them updated with the attendance records on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Upcoming Event Reminder: Every academic year, there is a huge list prepared by the school administration which mentions the events, holidays, functions, trips and other activities which will be carried out in the school premises. Students and parents can be informed in advance about all these events via SMS alerts.
  • Emergency Holiday Update: There are days when the school closes instantly due to some adverse weather conditions or socio-political reasons. In this case, parents can be informed with SMS alerts about the same.
  • Student Progress Notification: Gone is the time when teachers and parents interacted only on PTM's, rather you can send regular SMS alerts to the parents about the weekly test reports, assignments and other academic reports of the student. This will help the parents to know in which all subjects do their kids need to focus more.
  • Upcoming Examinations: Datesheets, assignments, projects, seating plan, exam timings and other information related to the examination can be sent via SMS alerts to the parents. This keeps them informed and they can prepare their children for the same accordingly.
  • School Bus Timing Change Alert: SMS module is an ideal way to deliver the information to the parents regarding bus timings, bus number, timing of departure and arrival. All this information can be sent easily to keep the parents informed at all times. Moreover, you can even try our transport module which helps in keeping a thorough track of school bus details, driver details and a lot more.


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