SMS alerts empowers effective communication between teachers, students, and parents. Schools require a platform via which they can keep the parents updated with all the important information about the school events and student’s performance. jiSchoolERP’s SMS module caters to all the requirements by offering seamless solution to all kind of schools.

jiSchoolERP makes communication with parents quick, easy, and hassle-free while saving your hours of time and cash. Parents can be informed of attendance shortage and exam results of their students. Students can also obtain their performance results, reminders of fees due and library book return through this module.

Features of jiSchoolERP SMS Module:

  • Send SMS alerts to students and parents about upcoming events and upcoming schedule

  • Facilitating the interaction between teachers and their students

  • Monthly Tests and Yearly term results announcements via SMS

  • Notify the daily attendance of students to parents

  • Alert messages about transport breakdown and time changes

Whether it is fee submission last date reminder, student attendance report, or a notice about the sudden holiday of school due to adverse weather conditions, our SMS module is just perfect to keep parents informed about all this information in advance.