Whether a startup school or an international school, every school has a lot of data reports to manage. From student registration reports, fee detail reports to visitor reports, there is a lot to manage on the school administrator’s end. jiSchoolERP’s custom reports module allows users to record detailed information about any data in the school and manage them accurately. This helps the user an easy and hassle-free platform to manage reports and analyze them whenever required.

jiSchoolERP gives great benefits to the schools by providing a lot many reports which are beneficial for the better and efficient administration of the schools. The school's administration with the help of such reports can improve the working of the school and keep a track record of the ongoing in the school.

Features of jiSchoolERP Custom Report Module:

  • Manage Fee Reports

  • Salary Payment Reports

  • Exam Result Reports

  • Expense Reports

  • Import/export the reports quickly

jiSchoolERP offers a wide range of features to analyze, monitor and manage the data reports related to students, teachers and all the other faculty members. So, the users can anytime search the required reports with a single click and save their time and efforts.