Building a data secure culture is one of the prime goals of almost all schools. All kind of schools demands secure data backups to stay prepared in advance in case of sudden hardware crashes, some technical failures or even data attacks. Moreover, another demand of schools is to get a tool that can easily export the required files in some specific formats. jiSchoolERP caters to all these requirements in a smarter way.

The data export module of jiSchoolERP can easily export the data in any other format. jiSchoolERP comes with a Data export feature that also creates a secure backup of the complete data in case of any data is lost. You can export the data to .doc, .pdf, or any other format to view and manage the data as per your requirements.

Features of jiSchoolERP Data Export Module:

  • Easy Export of Data
  • Conversion to Document Sheet
  • Convenient Data Backup
  • Quickly retrieve data backups

The module keeps the schools to stay on the safer side in case of data losses by offering automatic data backups. The school administrators can thereby retrieve the complete data that hardly takes time.