jiSchoolERP's event management module enables schools to create, communicate, notify, and promote events and programs to students, faculty, and staff. Every Staff member and student can get to their Calendars that comprise Academic & also Non-academic occasions planned.

Whether it is a sports competition, annual day celebration, tours, and excursions, or holidays, all the events can be accessed anytime on the student’s end. It helps the students and parents to prepare themselves in advance and stay updated with the upcoming events on the school premises.

Features of jiSchoolERP Event Module:

  • Create and share different events with faculty and students.
  • Organize extracurricular activities such as clubs, houses, dance, music, etc.
  • Manage competitions in arts and sports.
  • Inter-zone cultural and sports activities.
  • Individual/group/class performance.

The jiSchoolERP’s event and activities module allow a user-friendly interface where the users can easily get the complete list of all the recent events, competitions, Olympiads, fests, annual functions, and other co-curricular activities held in the school premises mentioning the creation date and its current state. They can quickly update and manage the event list anytime and add new events as per the requirements.