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Uplifting the Student Experience at Toppers Commerce Academy

About the Institute Toppers Commerce Academy is one of the leading institutes in CS Coaching in Ludhiana, Punjab which provides specialized & executive platform for the CS Education at all levels (Foundation, Executive & Professional) with all subjects. They have a professional team who provide quality CS Education and coaching programs at affordable prices. Prob...

Why Parent Portal is the Need of Today's Schools?

  • Gitanjali Yadav
  • 17 Jun 2019
  • Updates

Reaching your home after a long hectic day at the office, we simply need a break, maybe a power nap instead. Right? Obviously, every working person wishes to relax after their busy schedules. In the case where both the parents are working, it becomes tiring to take out time and check their child's academic status. But the forward technology has brought a sigh of relief! Starting right from the student registration form, getting fee alerts, attendance updates, and other alerts about school events, the latest school managemen...

How Ek Onkar Smart School Overcomes the Fee Management Issues With jiSchoolERP

SCHOOL PROFILE Ek Onkar Smart School is an English medium co-educational school located in Mohali, Punjab. The school focuses on delivering quality education to the students and has the latest facilities in the school. Students enjoy learning in the smart classes and have a joyful learning environment at the school. The whole school administration puts its best efforts to uplift the education industry by keeping students aware of the education significance. CHALLENGES FACED BY THE SCHOOL The director...

How jiSchoolERP Enhanced the Parent Communication at North East Global School

Now, attending and managing parents queries is no more a hassle as jiSchoolERP has brought us smarter solutions. Now parents are informed in advance, notified about the upcoming events and can even get information about their kids. I personally feel that we couldn't have found a better solution than jiSchoolERP for our school, says Abu Thair, the Director of North East Global School. About North East Global School North East Global School is a well reputed school offering grades from...

Role of School Management Software in Defining Your Success

  • Gitanjali Yadav
  • 01 May 2019
  • Updates

Go back to the days when you were at school. How the school operated all the task right from the beginning of the day? Specifically, think of those 5 minutes at the beginning of the class, when teachers marked attendance. Wasn't the task was tedious, time-consuming, and involves the chances of error. This task along with other teaching and non-teaching tasks involved manual management that contributed to reducing school operations. Thanks to the school management software, the all-in-one solution for managing and operating the school seamlessly.

Know the Top Rated Features of an Ideal School Management Software

  • Gitanjali Yadav
  • 12 Apr 2019
  • Updates

What all things strike your mind when we think about the traditional way of schooling? Chalk duster concept, manual attendance marking system, writing homework on the school diaries and a lot more hits your mind. Right? Technology evolution has really transformed the education industry in a better direction. The introduction of smart classes has simply outdated the manual method of schooling. Teachers no longer write the homework in diaries, rather school mobile applications have taken over where teachers can notify the students about the recent updates and other...

What Challenges School Principal Has To Face?

  • Gitanjali Yadav
  • 10 Apr 2019
  • Updates

Whether it’s moving to Common Core, conducting teacher evaluations and performances or using data for personalized learning, principals are on the front line of implementing educational change. All these tasks include more of paperwork that makes work tedious for the Principals.  Nowadays, they are looking for a better and advanced way of managing the entire task of the school administration. There are many available online tools that help the school management and principal to get across the students in a positive way.

Top Challenges in the Indian Education System & Overcoming Them

  • Gitanjali Yadav
  • 05 Apr 2019
  • Updates

Every year we get to hear some new schools which recently opened in our city. In fact, not one, many schools are set up every year in India. The main aim of the school owners is to grab the parents attention and thereby meet more profits out of it. What's more, amid this entire process, they fail to deliver quality education to the students. Apart from offering quality education, schools even fail in several other areas including- student security, parents communication, transport tracking, and a lot more. No doubt, having...

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