Most of the industries are leveraging the use of technology for the betterment of their industry and the education industry is not left behind. The usual methods of operating the schools are disrupted because of the global pandemic and to meet the requirements of remote learning the education sector transformed. No longer the old traditional operational management system could handle the scenario that emerged with these changes.

As more schools and institutes are shifting to remote learning it has become crucial for them to implement online classroom management software to conduct the classes without any obstacles.

This kind of learning and teaching is a big challenge for the students and teachers. It's the teacher's job to ensure that students are not distracted while keeping a thorough check on their attendance so that there are no errors at all.

What could be a better option than School Management software, that ensures you keep track of the attendance of children and there are no errors involved. The tracking of student's attendance allows the administration to have a clear and deep analysis.

Are you facing trouble in the management of your institute and school? Here is a blog that helps to maintain the focus and engage students during remote learning.

Tips to keep a track of Student’s Attendance

1. Traditional and Manual Attendance

This one is applicable when the students are present in the class using pen and paper. The offline experience was entirely a different one that wasted a lot of teacher's time to complete the attendance, but with the online classes, this method could not be used.
Because of this reason, institutes can rely on a student management system that efficiently records their attendance without making the teacher put in much effort.

2. Video Call

Video call at once might seem a very good idea for the attendance management, but there might be disruption in the bandwidth as it requires a high one. All the students may not have very high-speed Internet. So somehow this approach is not quite successful because they may be random drop out of the students due to the Internet connectivity issues.

3. Random Questions to students

This is a great method that ensures whether the students are engaged in the virtual classroom or not. The teacher asks random questions to the students and check how focused and dedicated they are. This would create fear among other students, and they stay attentive/focused on their virtual class session. So teachers, don’t forget to ask random questions throughout the class!

4. Conduct Short Quiz

This is one of the best methods on the list that keeps the students attentive. Immediately when the lesson is completed the teacher should send out a short quiz of the poll for all the students and mandate each one’s participation. There are various tools available for conducting online quiz and one of them is jiQuiz.

5. Parents Involvement

With digitization, schools can involve parents as a part of the online learning process. Parents now can be well aware of what their students are being taught and access guidance plans to track the progress of their children.

These are a few of the practices you can follow for the attendance tracking that helps to ensure that students reap the most benefits from remote learning and are well engaged in their virtual classroom.

It is vital to track the attendance of students for their growth and development. It allows them to perform better in their academics. jiSchoolERP has been providing customized software solutions to track the attendance of students and perform other crucial operations for different segments from schools, colleges, and coaching institutes. Speak to us today to know more about how our solutions can fit your needs.