Technology is now becoming commonplace for all the industry verticals. With a different kind of unique technology that is changing the world, education is not an exception. It is the most crucial part of society and leveraging technology has enhanced the teaching experience, learning, and changing the way it adds revolutionizes the overall learning experience for the students.

With the widespread access to technology via smartphones and computers, the conventional education function has completely been changed. It has modeled the education system into a more productive industry while offering real-time exposure for the staff, teachers, and students.

As per research around $13.2 billion is currently being spent by the educational institutes on ed-tech every year. Emerging technologies such as cloud computing, AR/VR, Big data analytics, School Management ERP, gamification are the latest trends leading to a transformation of education and helping students with a different approach to learning. Continue reading the blog and find out how emerging technologies are changing the shape of education.

Role of Technology in the Evolving Education System

From AI to 3D printing to online learning, a variety of technologies are making the biggest impact on student learning today. These technologies also allow educators to account for the shortened attention spans and on-demand expectations of many of today’s students.

From AI to gamification and ERP, there are a variety of technologies that are making a big impact on the learning of students. Technology is all set to change the face of education. Here are the emerging trends in the education sector that you must know to offer quality education among the students.

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the most trendings and discussed topics in the education industry. It is reshaping the future storytelling from artificially generated content to image recognition and smart tagging. AI is automating all the basic activities that play a significant role in education. It helps to reduce the subjectivity issues from assessments and offers a uniform grading method that is applicable globally.

EdTech is increasing the potential for both the students and teachers while helping to boost up their productivity. Teaching this way relieves the education institutes from the administrative responsibilities while helping them to focus on the learning.

2. ERP Solutions for Schools

The school is now utilizing ERP solutions that could progressively manage the administration. With these systems, the school administration can effectively maintain the data of students, staff, and teachers. It stores all the crucial information that could be executed anytime. It eliminates the effort of the administration to maintain the record and data.

  • Management of Attendance: It relieves the school account’s department as the school management ERP keeps a record of every individual including advanced fees, remaining fees, and late fees, and much more.

  • Offers Seamless Communication: It promotes better communication between the parents and teachers. It allows the schools to stay connected with parents and inform them about every aspect of their child.

  • Better Security: Whether it is tracking of bus, attendance information, and more, integrating school management ERP solutions ensures better safety and security.


3. Gamification

Now the institutes are utilizing gamification as the vital approach that motivates students differently. It allows the students to learn via video game designs and other game elements for effective learning. It creates an engaging experience for the students and inspires them to learn through games, contests, and much more.

4. Augmented Reality

It is quite an interesting and engaging topic that offers an interactive experience for the students. The use of AR visual content catches the attention of students. It helps to ensure the engagement and interaction of students as they can see and experience what they learn.

Teachers can implement this technology to teach their students complicated concepts so that they can see visually complex and 3D models rather than imagining them.

5. Cloud Computing

It solves the biggest challenges faced by the institutes and schools especially for those who have a lack of infrastructure. Cloud computing is a group of computing resources located in different places. The system can be accessed from anywhere. With cloud computing schools can overcome what they lack and keep a unified framework.

Education is all set to experience a huge level of reshaping from many emerging technologies. Managing a school could be difficult all you need is to move and convert your school into a smart school instantly. jiSchoolERP is the most effective solution to automate the method of school management. Get in touch with us now!