Looking at the COVID-19 scenario, it is difficult to sense when the educational institutes and schools going to reopen. The disruption in the daily routine has highly impacted the education of children. The main point of concern remains the students’ skill development, knowledge & offer better teaching-learning services. Therefore, the edTech market is breaking all the records and will continue to grow even more in the upcoming years. 

Before exploring its benefits, let’s discuss in detail what is an online examination system.

What is the purpose of the Online Examination System?

Online examination is vital to test the knowledge of students. This is conducted for all the subjects. The examination is what keeps the students enthusiastic and allows them to compete with one another. Whereas the outbreak has banned offline examinations, the online examination comes to the rescue. It offers flexibility and security to the examination process. It offers a streamlined process and the shift to the virtual platform is worth investing in. The admin can add multiple questions and get real-time updates about the students and their performance in real-time. That is truly amazing.

It allows the admin to conduct examinations anywhere, anytime while checking the credibility of the students.

How Universities are tackling the Lockdown?

The lockdown has not only affected the education industry, but has impacted all industries. The pandemic outbreak mandated people to stay indoors, which causes the delay in their examinations, classes and highly affects their education. Watching the scenario, most of the reputed universities prefer to conduct classes and examinations online. One such example is the London School of Business; it has given the go-ahead to conduct online exams until the end of the academic year.


Scope of the Online Examination System amidst Social Distancing

The traditional method of conducting exams was a huge wastage of pens, papers, efforts, time and more. Because of the COVID-19, all the institutes got forced to conduct online examinations. This shift in the paradigm has a huge scope and now people are adapting to the changes with time.


The Benefits of Online Examination System


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Features you must have in your Online Examination System

1. Conduct Exams Seamlessly

The exam management system has a huge scope as it offers a simple configuration and is easy to use. There are a plethora of other functionalities that assist universities in managing the examination process efficiently.

2. Help Invigilate Online

Imagine when you don’t need to set up invigilation duties for the students during the examinations. Such a relief it is! With the shift to the online examination, there is no longer the need for invigilation responsibilities to teachers. The solutions such as online authentication, secured browsing prevent the students to cheat in the examination and allow them to behave properly.

3. Secured

It is difficult for the management and teachers to maintain the confidentiality of the questionnaire. Maintaining it is the most important significance of why exams are conducted. This problem is solved by the online examination system software.

It allows you to secure your question paper in an efficient and secure environment that can only be accessed by the authorities.

4. Saves Time and Cost

The online examination eliminates the manual tasks to be done and automates the entire process. It reduces the effort of the examination authorities and expenses incurred on question papers, answer sheets, and invigilation duty can be saved.


Winding up!

With the online examination gaining huge popularity, not only teachers but students are also achieving the best learning outcomes! Witnessing the multiple benefits of online examination, it is high time for the universities to integrate School Management ERP that has everything your institution will ever need!