The education industry has seen a huge revolution. Most of the institutions and schools are automating their tasks and operations to boost their productivity. School management ERP is gaining popularity for its brilliant functioning which not only helps to manage the operations but also gives room for the students to grow.

A school management system is a tool that helps them with a multitude of tasks in the educational institute. As every school faces trouble managing plenty of tasks such as managing the fee, attendance, tasks, result, student data, and more it can affect the functioning of the school. With a school management ERP, you can keep these processes running smoothly and reduce the time, cost and labor while keeping it running efficiently.

If you are planning to turn your manual management into an automated system, this is the perfect time to implement the school ERP! Want to know why?

The Current COVID Scenario

The pandemic has changed the education scenario making the students learn from home. This situation made it difficult for the teachers to track down the student's progress. To keep a track of the student's performance and what they are doing- that may include online examination, tracking the attendance, task management, and more.

In the past, the teachers could track all the details manually as the students were present physically. But with remote learning implementing ERP software for schools became a priority that could allow accurate data to be displayed.


Features of School ERP that helps Analyze Student Performance

1. Examination Management system

The school ERP solution allows the process of examination to be managed seamlessly. With this module, the users can set up the examination in whatever format they want and conduct it online without any hassle. With the solutions, the exam results can be easily shared with the students as well as parents. The process ensures smooth exam management and has a module for all the boards.

2. Attendance Management

Attendance is the most important factor that helps to identify how serious the students take the lecture. As the manual method of attendance can be tricky and requires a lot of effort, the ERP can automatically mark and filter the attendance of each student. There is no better way to mark student attendance than using school ERP solutions.

This also helps the parents and teachers to identify the reasons behind that prevents students from attending the classes. To perform well in the studies, students need to show up in every lecture, and thanks to ERP software attendance tracking system that streamlines the entire process.

3. Discussion Panel

There should be space for the teachers and students to have the necessary discussion. This not only helps to measure the progress of a student, but also help with interaction with others to create students assignment, tasks, and other school-related activities. The students can ask for the query resolution and share any suggestions if they have!

The parents can also participate and engage in the panel that allows them to exchange crucial information via School ERP software.

4. Task Management

With the school management ERP solution, the students are assigned the tasks given by the teachers. Employees can also be assigned the tasks given by the management. Once the task is performed it is closed by those who have assigned it. It is one of the well-rounded ways that helps to manage all the tasks using the school ERP that must be implemented in the schools.

Choose Your ERP System Wisely

Yes, the pandemic has transformed the education sector, and technology plays a crucial role. The right school management ERP implemented can beat the situation and helps the students to continue learning efficiently! It allows them to ask their doubts and give answers to clear all their basics!

jiSchoolERP is an all-in-one school management solution that all the features your institution needs to run it seamlessly.