It is very important for institutions to have an Admission Management System. Institutions used to have a receipt book and a ledger book to do all the admissions in the school. They recorded them manually to keep a record of all the students admitted to the institution. The traditional ways of admission management have seen drastic changes with the latest technology. 

The ledger book proforma was applied in the Excel sheets and then converted into templates. The upsurge of computers and then digitalization has made drastic changes in how admission management will be done in institutions. A set proforma was implemented in the excel sheet and then in templates cater to the need for an Admission Management System. Here's how Databases were created in the traditional admission management system.

Create a Database for Traditional Admission Management

The Traditional Admission Management System has been carried on for ages without any single change. Hence, there has been NO improvement, NO optimization in the process of Admission Management for a long time, even after the coming of the new generation in the management. All they had to do is Enlist, Add a field and Find the students that study in their institution.

  • Enlist - The Students admitted in the institution were first enlisted on the sheet.
  • Additional Field - Then the Sub-categories or the fields were added according to the varied variables used to define the admission process.
  • CTRL+F - After that, all you need to do is press CTRL+F to find a student in the record.

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How to work on an Admission Management Software?

But, some advanced systems let people choose subfields according to the needs and the size of the institution. While the world is developing the school management system is bound to change the way they are going to categorize students.

There will be students from foreign or placed in another branch, according to the varied situations one needs to suit a variety of systems that will make the admission process simpler. This bifurcation will further help attain information on students even after years of their leaving. The Admission Management Software helps the institution to keep the records digitalized and easily accessible even after years.

  • Student Enrolling - Inbuilt registration forms are filled by the administration containing all further branches there are to process the admission. Students are added to the institution record after complete admission verification.
  • Customized Admission Forms - Admission forms are flexible according to each institution's needs and size. They can further be customized according to the needs of the institution to add or remove variables and categories.
  • Manages Complete Admission Process - The Admission Management Software is branched out and connects to all further variables needed to process a student's presence in the institution. All connected variables like the Fees management, Transport access, and the Allotment of the class can be managed through the same system. 

Why do Educational Institutions Need Admission Management System Software?

The below-discussed features can only be fulfilled by the use of the Admission Management Software. While admission management has so-many core needs, this cannot be attained by using the Traditional Admission Management System. Have a look at the various needs of an admission management system.

  • Central Management System - All admission database are stored in a single place and is accessible to all stakeholders. Whether it is any department in need of the admission details all can be accessed at the Admission Management's Central Software. This will reduce the need for documenting and transporting the details on paper. The manual process elimination further helps in saving time and error-free management of the admission processes.
  • Easy Application - The institutions have taken it online way back. To eliminate the long-queues that can be very tiring the online system of admission has been brought to action. This reduces the hassle of manual management of all receipts of the student's admission. A candidate can easily apply and directly enter the records of the Admission management system of the institution.
  • Channelized Procedure - All processes from admission to enrollment are streamlined. Each process is carried on one after the other. Reducing the wastage of time and resources the School ERP system helps to eliminate the needless hassle. The process has a fixed starting and a fixed channel towards the end covering all other related management like the Fee, Conveyance, and Class Allotment.
  • Digital Record - After we input the information in the admission management system software, it becomes a digital record. Good software enables you to be safe from all internal and external factors that might manipulate your system. Based on your choice of software your digital records of all admission processes are safe. As mentioned above these can be used by the various departments from a central management system and can be used in the coming years to extract important information.
  • Error-free Reporting - A large-sized institution might face the hassle of managing information of the academic session. An online admission management system will help to keep a record of the various branches and thousands of students and access to their information on the go. The elimination of manual managing the admission process will help save time and resources. This will further optimize the process of enrolling a large number of students in an organization.

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Best Admission Management Software is not just for Admissions

While there are necessary variables attached to the admission process, an institution will need a system that majorly manages all relatable aspects. A School ERP Software will not just manage the admission but will have varied features to manage the institution. jiSchoolERP is not just for the Admission management module but, all related management aspects that can help you to optimize the working of your institution. You will not have to put an extra summer holiday for admission management in your institution. While you go on holiday, you can come back to an appropriate system to manage all the functionalities of your institution. 

Features and Management Modules by jiSchoolERP:

  • Timetable Management - The teachers and the administration have to put a lot of effort into making the timetable of a particular class and section. Keeping in mind the staff and students have enough refreshing time for a productive day. The Time Table Management Module takes care that the time table does not clash and is results in a productive day for both the Teacher and the Student.
  • Admission Processes - From admission to the enrollment of the student is taken care of by the automated, customizable, and digital module of admission management by the School ERP Software. There will be no hassle of manually managing the information needed by each department. The system will be hence error-free and result in reduced wastage of time.
  • Circular Circulation - All the notices can be created and circulated from a single platform. Without caring for some ignored parts of the institution. One will not have to worry about some people not getting the information to be circulated on time.
  • Attendance Management - The attendance management module enables the complete record of the students. These records can be accessible to different departments on-the-go. These records are also easy to import at the time of the year-end reporting of each student.
  • Document Management - Each important document of the school and image libraries can be kept and stored in the School ERP Software. This will ensure the secure management of all important documents related to the institution.
  • Fee Management - Record, Receipt, and Reminders of fee of each student can be managed in the fee management module of the School ERP Software. 
  • Staff Record & Student Record - All records of staff and students can be uploaded in the software to ensure the central information import system of all records to any department as per the needs. This will help keep a record of student performance and necessary staff analysis.
  • Library Management - The book availability, book management in the library and issue status of all books in the library can be taken care of with the library management module of the School ERP Software.
  • Visitor Management - Complete Visitor management can be done with this School ERP Software by jiSchoolERP. It can help manage the Visitor List, Log and Data that is important to keep a record of for further use.
  • Expense Management - Category-wise expenses can be listed and modified in order to eliminate the day book from administration management. Each expense record can then help at the time of paying taxes and receiving payments from school.
  • Exam Records - All Exam related information, that is, the record, schedule, and report can be generated with the help of the school management software by jiSchoolERP. All Exam information is processed in the software.
  • Central System - The School Management Software is a centralized system so that the information is available to all stakeholders on the go. This central system eliminates the need for documenting files of different departments at different places.

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Summing Up

In the nutshell, the Traditional System of Admission Management will not help cater to all the varied needs of administrative management of the institution. Whether it is a small or large institution the need for school management software arises in all sizes of the institution. This is done to eliminate internal and external factors responsible to manipulate school information and save time and resources to majorly manage the institution. All you need to do is micromanage the software to attain a balance of the institutions working.