The development of the nation depends on the knowledge and education of its citizens. More education more will be civilization in the country. To educate every individual of the nation the technology has entered the education world and has bridged the gap between education and unreachable children in remote areas. Not only the smart school education system fills the gap but also has transformed the education methods and make it better over the traditional form of the education system.

The traditional education system in which the education was provided in Gurukul under the tree and teach students about various aspects of life. The traditional form of education involves customary or conventional education that focuses more on passing values, manners, skills, and social practices to the next generation by reciting oral lessons. Also, the traditional form of education does not involve or teach lessons related to science and technology.

With the growing time, the system keeps on updating and is slowly replaced by a modernized culture that includes classroom education and more subjects for discussion and sharing knowledge upon. The growing advancement has presented an incredible gift and has to offer smart software that introduces a smarter way to offer education to the students.

The school ERP software and the smart classroom has refreshed the education system and has offered a way of offering an innovative way of delivering and learning lessons. Also, the introduction of school education and management software offers an automated tool for managing all the data and reports of the student and staff that help the school management to focus and work more on offering a better education to the students rather than remaining busy in other usual tasks. 

Difference In Modern and Traditional Education System

  • Classroom: In the traditional form of the education system, classes were generally held under the tree shed or in poorly infrastructured schools. While smart classrooms offer education through digital methods like projectors, whiteboards, and working more on visual display and presentation to educate students.
  • School management: The school depends on the manual recording of database management in the traditional form of education. This consumed a lot of time and was more prone to human errors as well. On the other hand, a smart school management software tool provides an automated system for managing and maintaining school data. This increases the efficiency of the task and produces better reports and results.
  • Communication: Earlier the communication was generally made face to face because of the lack of mode of communication in earlier times while the advancement of technology has made communication much easier than one can think of. Now one can communicate with parents, teachers, and students by using multiple modes of communication like messaging, calling etc. This helps teachers to enlist weak students and also acknowledge parents about their child's performance in academics.
  • Learning material: The only way of seeking knowledge and learning in the traditional form of education was a book while the modern education system introduces a smarter way and have made it possible for the students to grab knowledge using books, internet, web material, mobile apps etc.
  • Evaluation: Earlier examination was held orally and by written mode on paper. There were fewer dependencies on the practical test. The changing trends and the introduction of school management software have evolved the process and has introduced an online way of evaluating, reporting and conducting exams.
  • Cost: Since the manual entry of data consumes a lot of time and is more prone to error, therefore, leads to more cost. While the automated software eases the task of data management thus consumes less time and is cost-effective.


Thus the introduction of school management software and smart education system offers better and advanced learning methods. So the introduction of a smart and modern education system offer better learning and teaching experience from beginning till end.