What all things strike your mind when we think about the traditional way of schooling? Chalk duster concept, manual attendance marking system, writing homework on the school diaries and a lot more hits your mind. Right? Technology evolution has really transformed the education industry in a better direction. The introduction of smart classes has simply outdated the manual method of schooling. Teachers no longer write the homework in diaries, rather school mobile applications have taken over where teachers can notify the students about the recent updates and other necessary information.

Why school management software matters?

As school staff and teachers get more occupied with their routine work, they hardly get time to focus on the student's academics. Implementing a school management software lets you save your time and carry out school tasks like a pro. It leaves no chances of errors, offers accurate, quick, and safer outputs. Thus, improving communication among students and teachers. So, investing in a worthy school management software is the need of the hour, which every school owner must think of.

While you plan to invest in a school management software, it becomes necessary to know the top-rated features which are included in a school ERP system.

  • Real-Time Notifications And Alerts: Students get into several school activities on a daily basis, but parents are hardly aware of it. A school management system helps in sending daily notifications about the recent updates about all the activities and academic reports to the parents regularly. Besides the parent's benefits, the school ERP system even helps the staff to streamline their daily routine tasks and enhance their communication with other faculty members.
  • Easy To Use Interface: The topmost reason to choose school ERP software is that it comes with a user-friendly panel where users can easily access the services without any hassle. Whether a student is looking for his daily homework or the parents are checking the fee updates, school ERP panel offers easy to use features for all users.
  • Chat functionality: The introduction of chatbots has really made lives easier for school administrators. School faculty no more clears queries individually to every parent or student, rather chatbots do the task on their behalf. So, parents and students can clear the queries round the clock. Read more about the role of chatbots in the education industry.
  • Tracking Functionality: As student security is becoming a major concern for parents these days, school ERP feature offers a feature of GPS tracking which tracks the school bus location in real time and provides updated details to the parents. 
  • Management of School Tasks: Instead of carrying out all the major tasks carried out in school, admission, examination, fee, and other things can be managed automatically by the school ERP software. Thus reducing the paperwork and burden over the staff members.
  • Multi-language Support: With the increasing demands in the global world, it becomes equally important for the education sector to stay updated. Going for a school management software provides a multilingual support in their application for more convenience on the customer's end.

jiSchoolERP school management software streamlines the routine tasks carried out in schools and reduces the burden over your school administration. Whether yours is a startup school or an international school, we have the best plans for you. Discuss your requirements with us now and go through our exciting services.