Gone are the days when the students noted down the datesheets and daily homework in their school diaries. Schools have updated their daily operations and have made a switch from paperwork to online platforms. Students get the daily homework on the student's app while parents get the fee alerts on the parent's app. That's just not all, the introduction of school management software has made things simply perfect and easy for the school administration.

What is the need for chatbots in education?

Chatbots have changed the lifestyles and made lives smarter. From ordering a burger to getting instant reply from your favorite clothing outlet, chatbots have surprised us at every phase. And when the chatbots have influenced every other industry, then how would the education sector lag behind. Chatbots will enhance the education sector in a way we can't imagine. Majority of the schools are looking forward to getting chatbot implemented into their campus for a better experience. And if you are planning to try it out, then this blog is worth reading for you.

How chatbots will benefit the education sector

1.Better class scheduling: Introduction of chatbots can help in smartly scheduling classes for students as according to their availability. This would directly allow the students to plan their future schedules in advance as per their preferences over the scheduled classes.

2.Course self-registration: Chatbots come up advanced search algorithms which allow to search and navigate the course catalog database and then offer the right information to the students and thereby make the registration process easier and simpler.

3. Robot tutoring: Chatbots are the best thing when we talk about enhanced learning and tutoring. Chatbots act as an affordable method which reduces the burden over the teachers while clarifying the student's doubts and queries. Chatbots can answer the student queries more quickly and accurately as compared to the manual method of clarifying the queries.

4.Personalized learning: Using chatbots will enhance the learning experience of students by analyzing their response and reaction. Accordingly, chatbots will divide a lecture into a set of multiple messages which gets displayed in the form of a chat conversation. Depending on the previous experience with the student, chatbot will present the next session accordingly.

5.Assignments: Students generally have a pressure of submitting a number of assignments on time and this is a burdensome task for students to manage all of them in one go. Chatbots will allow the students to record all the assignments and their submission dates. Thereby setting up reminders of submission dates and preparing assignments in advance before the deadline arrives.

6.Feedback surveys: Gathering feedbacks about the teachers would make a clear view about which all fields do the teachers need to focus more. Similarly giving students' feedback would help the students in identifying in which all subjects do they need to work hard. Chatbots would allow the students to give away the feedback quickly by asking certain questions on a form and will analyze accordingly for better results.

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