As the world is moving towards complete digitalization, the education industry is the one adopting the best tools and practices. The pandemic made a pause in education and learning, but to continue the education, digitalization plays a critical role. To ease the process of online learning, institutions are turning to an online education delivery system.

The shift in the model from the classrooms to the virtual infrastructure has transformed the landscape of the education system. Therefore, to streamline the operations, integrating School ERP is the best solution that helps the schools and institutes stay ahead of others.

Here, this blog covers all the details about the School ERP solutions, the features that make the life of stakeholders easier and bring a complete digitalization to the school operations.

Understanding School ERP

School ERP solutions are the real game-changer in the industry. Whether it is about improving the infrastructure of the school, enhancing the skills of students, conducting tests and assignments, or more, ERP helps in easy management of all operations and promotes a student-friendly environment. It has been helping the schools and institutes to make everyday tasks and work processes smooth and optimized.

How School ERP offers Digitized Operations?

1. Admissions are Online

As the schools are still closed, this is the most important feature of the School ERP that has turned into a blessing. With the jiSchoolERP solutions, you can offer customized admission forms that can further be promoted on different channels. This makes the process of student enrollment a lot easier. The admission forms can be viewed at the back-end and the counseling teams can manage the records and follow-ups.

Not only the admission forms but the entire admission process can be managed with ERP solutions. From submission of forms to onboarding, all the processes are streamlined.

2. Automated Fee Process

The online fee collection has shown growth ever since the lockdown. It is making the life of both the management and parents easier. Gone are the traditional times when the parents had to go to the ATM to collect the fee. Moreover, it gives clear information to the administration for the paid fees. Due to the pandemic, there is a 300% rise in collecting the online fee.

The users now look for convenience, and with online fee management, the parents can get the most convenient services. For more details contact us and get started with online fee payment. 

3. Seamless communication

It is a tough time for all of us as schools are closed, digital communication became the utmost priority for the schools and institutes. Streamlined communication via the ERP integration helps to boost the overall productivity of the institutes.

The parents, teachers, and students can communicate and have all the important discussions in a single place and ensures that the parents do not miss out on any single information.

4. Easy Online Assessments

The teachers can now schedule online exams, submit assignments, schedule deadlines, and more. It allows the students to submit their assignments on time, give answers on the scheduled deadlines, and a lot more.

Time to Leverage the Benefits of School ERP!

The School ERP solutions have made the life of students, teachers, parents, and management much easier. jiSchoolERP was developed with a vision to help educational institutes go digital while having streamlined communication. Accomplish your goals in the dynamic scenario and with our School Management ERP solutions that have been proved as a roadmap of success.