The fact is not hidden that pandemic has caused all the educational institutes and schools to suffer. Due to this all the industries are affected, and education is not left behind. The closure of schools and institutes has given a rise to online school management systems.

As per research, 1.8 billion students and their education are affected that has caused difficulties in the lives of teachers and students. So, that the career of students is being disrupted.

But thanks to the School ERP system that allows schools, students, parents, and teachers to stay connected. The trend of distance learning has increased, and it plays a vital role in learning and educating the children.

Keeping the parents updated about the child's progress is important. They want to be aware of all the day-to-day activities of their child. Here, this blog shows how the online school ERP system offers the best solutions and helps schools efficiently manage the parent and teacher communication.

How ERP can help parents stay connected with schools?

1. Schedule PTA Meetings with ERP

With the integration of School ERP, the parents can track their child's progress, about parent-teacher meetings while blocking these dates. It keeps them notified and even if there is any change in the timing and meeting, they can quickly get the updates so that there is no miscommunication.

Regular meetings with the teacher allowed them to stay on what areas their child needs improvement on and how they are performing.

2. Access to the progress of students

Parents of today’s generation want to stay updated about the progress of the child. They want regular updates about the assessment reports and their performance. Therefore, rather than waiting for the annual day report, an ERP education system is a must that allows the parents to access the performance of their child.

With access to the progress, the parents can cover all the gaps and help their children with the required tutoring so that the problem could be resolved immediately.

3. Updates on Attendance

The school management ERP solutions offer timely attendance updates on their child. It ensures to automate the entire attendance management. The attendance management software automatically sends text messages and emails to the parents and alerts them if their child did not attend the class.

4. Updates on Important Announcements

Now, sharing the crucial messages and information is important. That cannot be done by relying on the previous pen and paper method, as the students are not physically present. Therefore, the school ERP software allows the teachers and admin to set automated reminders, share important information while taking all the necessary actions such as payment reminders, permissions, etc.

Pandemic and the Collaboration 

With the technology influence and the concern of parents for their child, they too are getting involved in the school matters. Parents want to stay updated about what their child actions are. Positive interaction and communication between the parents and teacher ensure a bright future for the child and growth both inside and outside the classroom.

This collaboration is a must because the working parents often struggle to find the right information because of the shortage of time. However, the education ERP software is one of the best ways that uses the latest technology and helps parents to keep a track of their child.

Using education ERP software is one of the best ways to incorporate the latest technology. It helps to keep parents updated about home assignments, school events, educational strategies, and children’s academic as well as non-academic performance.