The COVID-19 has created a considerable loss in several sectors and the education system has not remained untouched from its impact. Due to the disruption in the education sector, the institutions remain shut and the exams were canceled too. There is a famous saying “Turn your obstacles into opportunities” therefore the educational institutions around the globe leveraged the use of technology while using it efficiently.

Conducting exams is the most important parameter to analyze the performance of the student and know what knowledge they have gained. As the exams got canceled due to the lockdown, the schools shifted to online examinations for the assessment. Now, to manage the online examination one needs ERP solutions to manage it.

Want to know what is school management software? Continue reading the blog and find out how it helps to manage the online examination efficiently.

What is School Management Software?

The online examination management system has increasingly become popular and the current social distancing has resulted in the adoption of the online exam process. It is a secured system used by schools and universities to help them examine multiple students at the same time. Not only examination the School ERP streamlines the process of Attendance, document management, fee management, student record, timetable, admissions, and much more.

It allows the school administrators to set up the exam and allows the children to answer as per the defined criteria. After that, the evaluation is carried out. This is one of the most secure systems while improving the reputation of the institution.

How the software manages examination?

An online examination system helps to ensure the continuity of examination even during disruptions. Due to the traditional methods, the education sector has suffered a lot. It ensures a seamless continuity widening the scope of an online examination system. Here is how the online school ERP solutions help to manage exams:

1. It Eliminates Huge Capital

The traditional method of examining the entire institution requires a lot of papers, answer sheets, labor, time, and other resources wasting a huge amount of capital. With the online examination, there are no such formalities to be done that could save all your expenses.

2. Reports are Transparent

Outdating the manual and incomplete student reports generated by the staff members, the school management software compiles a thorough report of every student. The list of reports which this software can generate are:

The school management system outdated the traditional and manual reports that are generated by the staff members which may be biased too. But with the school management ERP, the reports generated are transparent with a thorough report and analysis of each student.

The report comprises performance-based reports, subject-based reports, batch-based reports, and exam-based reports.

3. Analyze Feedback

It helps to analyze and keep a record of a student’s performance daily which otherwise would be difficult to maintain manually by the staff. Keeping a proper record of the student’s performance makes it easy for them to identify the fields where they lack therefore implementing a school management system helps to keep a regular check on the performance of the student.

4. Alert Parents with Notifications

Student exam results can be notified in a flash to all parents with instant SMS messages.

Here are some more benefits of School ERP that eliminates all the tedious admin tasks:

  1. Enhances the efficiency of schools to meet up all their requirements and capabilities.
  2. It streamlines all the functions and makes all the school management tasks hassle-free.
  3. Helps to ensure a progressive approach towards the education system.
  4. Improves the overall productivity of the school while decreasing the effort.
  5. Streamlines the communication which is the key to run an institution successfully.


School ERP- a big asset for the school

The online examination benefits the institution in multiple ways. There is no concern of misplacing any manual entries and the process is hassle-free as well. It is high time that universities realize the importance of making the digital shift, and for good and shifting to online School ERP solutions for all their needs.

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