jiSchoolERP offers an excellent way to review the performance of the students based on the examinations. You can create and view the complete exam schedule of the school subject-wise and class-wise. You can also create and manage mark sheets of the students to review their performance analysis in a single view. Teachers can enter marks and update it whenever necessary.

jiSchoolERP’s flexible examination module allows the schools to manage various kind of examination grading system for multiple patterns, including CBSE, ICSE, CCE, GPA, etc. Staff members can quickly prepare and manage the grade books automatically and save their huge time and efforts. This even reduces the level of human mistakes and errors which occur during the manual preparation of examination records.

Features of jiSchoolERP Examination Module:

  • Creates mark sheets of students class-wise and subject-wise

  • Creates an examination schedule without clashing any two subjects

  • Define the maximum marks, passing marks, and duration of the examination

Subject wise exam reports are made available for analysis by the teachers. The school administrator can easily manage the marks of students either class wise, school wise, section wise, or even on the basis on examination type and get the desired outputs in a single click.