Payroll management is the most difficult task as it requires proper attention while making records of the salary slips, gathering information of leaves taken by each staff member, about appraisals, and a lot more. And if your school has a huge staff, then it becomes more complex while managing the staff salary. To overcome all the hassle and complications with payroll management, jiSchoolERP can assist you.

This module of jiSchoolERP manages the payroll department of the school. It compiles the attendance of the teachers to gather the information of leaves taken and calculates the salary. It is designed to reduce the level of paperwork and minimize time-consuming tasks. It manages employee information efficiently, defines the compensations, deductions, leaves and generates payslips instantly.

Features of jiSchoolERP Salary Module:

  • Manages employee personnel and payroll information

  • It eliminates manual data entry and cost-saving product

  • It takes less time to generate salary

  • You can see entire details of staff like their attendance, leaves, working hours, etc

  • Facility to import and export payroll in the system easily using the import-export facility

As calculating the salaries of each individual staff member requires huge calculations and a minor miscalculation can cost you adversely, jiSchoolERP lets you carry out quick and accurate calculations in no time.