A document management system is a feature or module that aids in dealing with the institution's documents. These can range from a student's homework assignment waiting to be reviewed by a teacher to confidential report cards. Document management enables schools to organize documents, invoices, and reports to parents. It also tracks all communications with students, parents, and staff. The school administrators can easily manage all the students, staff, and other faculty member's documents under a roof without any hassle and easily search for the required details.

Users can easily download the required files and documents in a single click and stay away from the manual process of managing documents. So, the school administrator can easily share the documents and save time and effort.

Features of jiSchoolERP Document Module:

  • Central repository for all documentation, letters, emails, and scanned items

  • Flexible security settings allowing appropriate access

  • View all associated documents on the student record page

  • Invoices recorded as files and attached to a student for reference

  • Create and manage document categories and settings

  • You can import and export the documents and files

Using jiSchoolERP helps you truly maximize the use of a document manager for all your school needs, whether you are a student, teacher, management, or non-educational.