Circular of jiSchoolERP allows you to share the updated circulars regarding any urgent meeting, school event, or any other school related activities. Teachers and school staff can get the regular updates of the circulars immediately and get notified of all the important information.

Under our user-friendly circular module, you get a list of notices and announcements made for the school. It also displays all the previous notices that were published along with its current state, creation date, and ending date.

Features of Circular module:

  • Send circulars to all the staff members in a mere click.

  • Easy and quick updates of all the necessary information.

  • No scope of manual mistakes and errors.

  • Presents important information in a better and more enhanced way.

Sharing circulars via the jiSchoolERP module lets you uplift the communication amongst the school staff members and share the updated information with the students and other faculty members without any delays. Using jiSchoolERP lets you streamline all the school related tasks and manage schooling like a pro.