As it is one of the most important modules for all the school and related to finance, it needs to be understandable and easily manageable to avoid any chances of error. jiSchoolERP's fee management module makes your working smooth while reducing your manual work to have a stress-free and paperless fee management. You can create the fees cycle of the school and see the year-wise and class-wise fees structure of your school.

Features of jiSchoolERP Fee Module:

  • Customization option to categorize fees structure.
  • You can view and manages different types of fees like admission fee, conveyance fee, uniform fee etc.
  • It displays the year-wise and class-wise fee structure of the school.
  • You can create any notice regarding fee details for the school as well as for the parents.
  • It also adjusts the fee of the students in month-wise and session-wise manner.