Due to the safety threats to students, the parents have become more concerned about their security while they go to school. To address all these problems, jiSchoolERP has a perfect module that can overcome all the security-related issues in one go-transportation management system. Implementing jiSchoolERP’s bus tracking module into your school will let you maintain student security by offering several services, starting from getting the bus & driver details to track the bus live location.

jiSchoolERP's bus tracking module assures parents and schools about the wellbeing of their students. They can easily track their student's real-time location and provides better communication with school transport drivers and school administrators. With the right school bus tracker system, a school bus dispatcher can have up-to-date information about bus location, bus driver, and vehicle performance.

Features of jiSchoolERP Bus Tracking Module:

  • Flexible software module which can be integrated with any of the GPS hardware
  • It provides security to students at the best possible cost
  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Set pick-up and drop-off alert time

Using our bus tracking module will save the time, effort, and resources of your school staff and will keep the parents notified as they can check the live location of their child.