On the teachers part, it has never been easy to manage the students' academics along with other endless tasks. Beginning from the attendance records, to the report card generation, all are carried out by the teachers mostly in a manual way. A teachers application can make the teaching process easy, quick, hassle-free, and accurate enough for the teachers.

 jiSchoolERP provides user-friendly dashboards for teachers, non-teaching staff and management personals at your school. The teacher portal in jiSchoolERP helps in improving the way of teaching in the schools. It enables better communication between parents and teachers that help in student’s academics growth. Teacher’s app in jiSchoolERP has the features of attendance, mark card submission of each class, timetable of each day, etc.

Features of jiSchoolERP Teacher App:

  • Teachers can have remote access to their classes

  • They can enter progress report details from their login

  • Teachers can upload study/reference materials for students

  • Teachers can mark attendance from their portal

  • Feedback analysis

  • Clear student queries

Using jiSchoolERP’s teacher app helps in reducing the burden over the teachers and helps them in enhancing their communication with the students and parents.