Managing students data records in a school with a huge strength is just not possible if done manually. Searching for a particular student’s personal details can consume hours and efforts of your staff members. jiSchoolERP’s student records module allows you to automatically manage and quickly search the student’s complete details.

The Student Records module in jiSchoolERP can be used to record and store all details about a student. Details like class, parent details, contact details, address, health records, extracurricular activities, or any other information that is a milestone in the student’s growth. All the mark sheets of the students are secured safely in the student module to review the performance of the students in real-time.

Features of jiSchoolERP Student Record Module:

  • Complete personal details of students

  • Weekly/Monthly performance of the students

  • Fee details

  • Download the required details quickly

  • Parents/Emergency contact details

  • You can import and export the student records

The complete data is displayed in a clear format and hardly takes any time while the output is presented. Moreover, the user can even import and expert student data records and get a print out instantly. All the features and functionalities are made user-friendly to offer easy to understand on the user’s end.