Managing the staff and other faculty members details including their personal as well as professional details is a tiresome task if done manually. It consumes a lot of time and efforts of your staff. jiSchoolERP’s staff module lets you manage the complete staff information over an automated platform to avoid the hassle and manual data management.

jiSchoolERP provides a complete staff management solution to increase efficiency and performance by helping schools seamlessly automate and streamline processes. You can create academic and personal data of staff including their qualification, designation, skills, training, leave, attendance, contact and other details to track information in real-time.

Features of jiSchoolERP Staff Module:

  • Manage Staff Data Records

  • Staff Performance Records

  • Qualification Records

  • You can import and export the staff records

Our staff module allows the school administrator to quickly have a look at the list of staff members, their qualification or even their personal details. Moreover, you can easily make updations whenever there are any modifications in the existing records or even delete records whenever a staff members leaves.