Everyday dozens of people visit the school for enquiring things about the school, it could be about admission criteria, to know about the school infra, pay fees and many other things. And during the peak admission sessions, the crowd doubles and there seems a need to manage the people accurately. The visitor management module of jiSchoolERP helps the school administrator to monitor every single person who visits the school premises and helps in keeping a well maintained record of their complete information.

jiSchoolERP streamlines the visitor management process thereby relieving much of the stress of schools by entering the complete details of the visitors in the software. A visitor management system is highly recommended for the schools nowadays to ensure security and safety of the students.

Features of jiSchoolERP Visitor Module:

  • Complete details of the visitors including their name, contact number, whom to meet, time in/time out etc

  • Manage and Monitor regular visitors who visit the school

  • Quickly find and update the past visitors and their required details

  • Gather visitor data and check the past logs instantly

  • You can import and export the visitor records

jiSchoolERP offers a wide set of reliable features to manage visitors accurately and keep a record of it clearly.