Expenses are inevitable and if any school is working at full capacity, they need to monitor and process the daily expenses of the school facilities, backend workers, and others who are directly under the working contract with the school. The expense management module in jiSchoolERP offers all the features and functionalities required to manage the expenses in a school.

Our expense management module allows the school administrators to manage the complete expenses made on the school premises along with its necessary information like amount, date, and type of the expenses. Users can add new expenses easily, make quick modifications to the existing expenses and manage the records accurately.

Features of jiSchoolERP Expense Module:

  • A complete list of school expenses
  • Category-wise management
  • Quick modifications
  • You can import and export the expense sheets

jiSchoolERP offers a range of features to manage expenses and keep a regular track of all sorts of expenses made in the school. It helps the school administrator save time and get accurate reports for managing the data related to school expenses.