Whatever the business field is, in today's data-driven working era, the dashboards have created a lot of hype in the market. With the unfolding time, everything has changed in a massive state and it includes the education system too. Every educational institution or schools have their values and systems that outline their foundation. And the foremost concern is for the students and their parents. To run successful schooling, there must be a strong and understandable bond between teachers, students, and parents. The schooling must be transparent in all the terms that require a proper easy-to-operate and analysis of the information related to the going activities in the school. And all such required aspects had led the open doors of the School Dashboard Management System. In simple words, the dashboard management system is a complete overview of your school at a glance.

There are plenty of operations and activities that run in your school and impact the school's overall performance. A dashboard, sums all those operations or ongoing-activities with easy-to-understand and real-time data visuals. Overall, it simplifies your data in real-time results, more flexible with parts of visual information (graphs, pie-charts and numerical representation) that enable you to throw light on the chunks where you have to improve. It also makes you aware of your school ranking and helps you measure your school's success.

This smart collection of visual information and real-time data clear all the doubts and answer the vital questions concerning your school objectives. When you implement such a dashboard management system, it will allow you to intelligently and instantly connect the spots across all the departments of your school at a time. And ultimately, it aids school authorities to make quick decisions that are helpful for the growth of the school.

The Fundamental Types Of Dashboards

While there are plenty of benefits that we will discuss later, let's discuss the three main categories in which a dashboard falls. These customized dashboards have the following fundamental genre:

Operational Dashboards - The primary aim of the dashboard in a school is to give a complete snapshot of school performance without undergoing any break-downs. The operational dashboard does that for you, it is the most common dashboard-type and keeps you updated with all real-time data and information of ongoing daily operations in a school.

Analytical Dashboards - It is a dashboard-type that uses past information to recognize the trends that can harness the future decision-making. It makes the users have an interaction to get prepared for the potential drill-downs and cross-tabulations of daily school operations.

Strategic Dashboards - This dashboard-type is an effective tool when you focus on your overall performance of the school. With certain strategies, you can share the dashboard with transparency to the entire school organization.

How Does a School Dashboard Management System

The dashboard management system is an integrated software system that is ruling and running the entire school management process. Isn't it? Of course, it is! Let's see how...

It has a great advent of automatically collecting and processing data from multiple interconnected sources, even if the data is fed into the system by any faculty or school. Its automated functions have powerful functionality that stores all such data in a centralized and at a focal point which undergo the automated calculations concerning the real-time information. Within a few seconds, you are logged in and can generate any kind of results or reports of the ongoing school operations or activities.

These optimum results and reports play a key role in measuring the school's overall growth and performance. As we have discussed above, that the strategic dashboard helps a lot in the school management and so it helps in better decision-making too. These reports can be:

  • Class-to-class attendance per day
  • Monthly attendance records
  • Daily staff attendance records
  • Monthly attendance records of the teachers/non-teaching faculty
  • The fee received in a day/week/month total
  • Fee balance or pay dues for a day/week/ month/ year
  • Books circulated or issued in the library in one day/week/month/academic year
  • Teacher-student proportion
  • Faculty-to-faculty class test results of classes/ sections/ any particular student
  • Faculty wise term exam outcomes of classes/ students/ any given student
  • Performance of a single section/ class/ student/ teacher

Notable Benefits Of Dashboard Management System

It is a sad fact that we neglect the value of technology-aids such as the dashboard management system as we are a bit unaware of their uses and advances. So let's move ahead and know the utmost benefits of the dashboard management system.

1. Better Decision Making

A robust dashboard management system is an impartial and honest platform that provides a viewpoint to analyze the school's overall performance. When each faculty of the different departments access the dashboard, they will have a further healthy conversation across the entire organization and great decision making.

2. Accountability

It is always great to see in real-time, what is happening in the school and what everybody is doing to increase the overall performance and school efficiency. The dashboards can exactly and realistically reflect you with your trouble areas and outfit you with the required information to tackle and conquer the down drills. This will ensure the accountability of each department for the possible ups and downs.

3. Interactivity

The school dashboard management system provides a dynamic experience to all the school members who have access to it. It provides users with static real-time information and creates a healthy interaction across the school organization to see the growth rate and via visual representation of charts showing changes including ups and downs.

4. All-In-One Solution

By using conventional methods, the school management has to spend plenty of time in reviewing and analyzing different reports of each faculty and department to conclude with an outcome. But the school dashboard management system allows the users to see all such aspects at a time with real-time information.

5. Mobile Device Accessibility

The dashboard management system is designed to suit all the mobile-devices. Hence, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time with the absolute and most accurate information in real-time. The users can remotely use the dashboards and keep their eye on the entire school management process.

6. Data Transparency

Ahead of the students and staff record, data is any community’s most valuable asset. A well-structured and well-framed dashboard system renders on-demand access to all focus measures for all faculty groups.

Last Words

In a nutshell, it can be said that the school dashboard management system is an integrated solution that is indeed an important component of a robust school management system. All the above-mentioned aspects and benefits are a way to unveil the fruitful and lucrative growth prospects for your school management system.

jiSchoolERP is also one such software solution that's been produced to be very spontaneous in dashboard management so that you as an end-user can instantly use this solution without much assistance at all. It offers great help in the seamless dashboard management and other management processes too of various information that benefits the schools to focus more on their development and progress.