The smart world is calling every sector to adopt advanced technologies. And the academic sector is not out of the lane! These days, the schools and colleges are getting smart enough by using the applications of school management software. The software is an excellent and superior way to control the management of schools and colleges. By integrating smart technologies like school management software, the overall work of teachers, students and parents as well are getting easy and running smooth.

This one-stop paperless solution is a tool that automates your school management system with its integrating and real-time features, which ultimately lead to successful and productive management. This exceptional software adds the quality of academics by letting all the day-to-day tasks done efficiently.

Top Features of School Management Software

The academic industry is, no doubt, one of the areas that have discovered the utmost and best use of technology. And one of them is the school management software. The School Management Software is helping the school's staff plus the universities too in leading their institutions in this fiercely competitive world. It would not be a sin to call the school management software as a backbone for the academic industry.

Let's Throw Some Light on the Top Features:

  • Time Table Management
    With the help of this efficient school management software, institutions can manage the bulk of tasks including multiple time-table management. It will help the staff to arrange and manage the paperless processing. And overall, it will give easy and accurate management which will not lead the students to miss, bunk or be unaware of their daily schedule.
  • Better School Inventory and Asset Management
    The hostels, libraries, school transport vehicles, canteen requirements, laboratory necessities, and everything can be managed within a couple of minutes on your fingertips. With the introduction of school management software, one can easily do all the administrative work.
    The control over the hostels, defining the list of the warden, fees collection, daily expenses of the hostel, etc. can be efficiently done with the help of this software. Whatever the dues or fee issues; let's say library fee, late fee, fine or anything can be easily managed with error-free outcomes. 
  • Highly-organized Exam Management 
    The software with its advanced features is also making the systematic structure of the examinations. Of course, examination management is one of the most important operations of the school or any institution. By creating an easy communication network between students-teachers-parents and administrative systems, the software is contributing its great part in the examination management.
    Such software and ERP systems are helping the academic institutions in easy management of exam data record, scheduling of examination and generate examination reports. Also, helping the management in generating hall tickets, question paper, the publication of results, certificates, etc.
  • Administration Process Become Fast and Easy
    The admission process is always trouble for schools and other academic institutions. That time is totally a headache due to its hectic nature and a huge number of students. Therefore, the launch of school management software has created a great soothe and comfort for the management in such conditions.
    The software is there to help the staff in stress-free student's enrolling process, easy customization of admission forms along with the complete and efficient managing of the admission process.
  • Data Security And Backup 
    Whatever the management sector is, the crucial data and information are the utmost priority. The software is complete with its top-class features in maintaining and securing the data and information.
    Due to its superior cloud-based service, there is an automatic data backup. And thus, the academic institutions don't have to pay huge in buying hardware.

Benefits of School Management Software

The endorsement of the school management software in the schools has created a great influence on the management along with the fruitful benefits.

  • It has multi-user functionality.
  • Easy to use the platform and quite interactive facilitates for different users.
  • The ERP modules are interconnected and customizable and can be suited as per the needs of the school.
  • It has online and on-site client support.
  • Reduce the tedious tasks of your administrative department.
  • It has an active dashboard that provides a glance of day-to-day activities and ongoing actions of sub-admins.
  • The software does the easy management and documentation along with the secure backup.
  • Efficiently manages the staff as well as the student's records.
  • The software is there to manage the complete list of school expenses including library, functions, meetings, seminars, laboratories, cafes, examinations, etc.
  • It provides smooth and error-free payments and fee transactions records.


In summation, it can be concluded that the school management software is an integral part of the schools to accomplish the fundamental requirements of students, teachers and parents as well that can be incorporated in all forums. And ultimately, by introducing such ERP systems and software, you are inviting the fruitful outcomes plus the best school rewards for your institution. If you are looking for such smart solutions, then you can rely on our jiSchoolerp's school management software. Here, we provide you with the best school management system solutions.