Are you running a School? How do you manage and screen people visiting your school, classrooms, etc? What initiatives you are taking to assure the safety and security of students? Does your school has well-equipped security features to manage visitors and students in an emergency?

The major challenge in front of the school is to keep students safe while they are on campus. This includes keeping them safe from visitors, students, and other members of the school.

This makes it important for schools to implement the visitor management system in the school.

A Visitor Management System keeps track of people entering and exiting the school buildings. The software is tech-savvy and keeps a record of all the information like visitors’ names, phone numbers, addresses, photographs, etc.

Also, the software helps keep a log of the duration of visits, frequency of visits, etc.

Still not convinced; know some more reasons of why should you opt for school management software.

  • It increases the safety of students and people who visit or work at schools
  • It enhances the productivity of people at schools.
  • It keeps a record of people entering school

Dig Deeper to Understand the Need of Visitor Management System at School

Since every school uses strict security policies and maintain a log of visit details on the visitor logbook. But do you think that with time it is an efficient method?

Does your school still rely on maintaining the paper-based visitor logbook? Well! It can be for small schools but when considering the big school campus, the idea is not secured.

Many schools still depend on the paper-based logbook for entering details and keep a record of the visitors but there is no doubt that it has some limitations like:

  • It is difficult to manage the record manage in registers
  • Since the record is recorded in the physical form, there are chances that it may damage or loss.
  • It is difficult to share records
  • It does not store visitors’ information
  • The data in logbooks are prone to theft.
  • It is impossible to carry out a performance check and to access visitors' activity reports.
  • It is difficult to consolidate records in one place if there are multiple branches of school at different locations.

All these drawbacks of using the logbook for recording visitor entry mark the importance of the Visitor Management System in the school.

Know the best features of the system and look for the vendor who offers the software at the best price.

Important Features of the Visitor Management System

  • Efficient and Easy School Visitor Logging and Tracking: The efficient visitor management system should be user-friendly and offer a seamless way to record and process the visitor’s information. It provides a fast and convenient way to submit name, phone number, address, photographs, and other details. The regular visitors like sessional instructors, suppliers, representatives of the community, business groups are assigned with some code or badge that help in entering the school quickly in their next visits. 
  • Customizable Offender Checks: The software is effective and efficient in screening visitors thus help in recognizing the previous offenders. If the offender tries to enter the school, the visitor management system alerts the school and block the person from gaining access. 
  • School Emergency Mass Alerts: The system helps the administrator in sending mass alerts during the emergency like fire outbreak, gun-fire, presence of sex-offender, etc. This can save people inside the school and guide people to escape from the disaster. 
  • Induction and Policy Documents with Electronic Signature: A Visitor Management System helps send inductions and policy documents to the visitor before their entry into the school. They have a provision to sign a document digitally using an iPad or any other digital interface. 
  • Student Tracking: Along with tracking visitors, the system helps track students’ check-in and check-out time. This helps in measuring punctuality and attendance of students in a seamless manner. 
  • Web-Based Reporting: The best benefit of using the visitor management system is easy to access to the reports in real-time. It helps in getting the idea of the number of current visitors on the school premises, several people visiting the school, gives access to find visitors across different school buildings. 
  • Faculty/Staff School Check-In And Check-Out: It also offers a seamless provision for school faculty and other staff members to sign in to school. It creates a team and issues standard visitor pass that helps the school faculty to enter and exit the school. Thus it helps in keeping a record of in and out of each staff member that helps school admin in knowing the duration for which the particular employee stays out of the school premises. 


If you have make-up your mind for implementing the software in your school then it is good to invest time in looking for the best software will all the features. Prepare yourself and take guidance from the expert who will help you in learning the use of the software efficiently.

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