Every parent stays concerned about their child's safety when they move out for their school every morning. Being in school under the right guidance of teachers and school’s security surveillance keeps them safe and secure, but what about the time when they are on the way to the school bus? Not only parents, but teachers and school management to worry about the students’ safety.

Organizing a school bus is not only enough to get things done. It is also important to ensure parents that their child will reach home safely on time.

Having school ERP software offers the best feature of transport management that helps in the proper management of transport operations effectively. Also, it plays a very important role in tracking bus routes, thus ensuring the safety of students while they are on the bus. The software updates the parents about their children by generating a real-time notification.

JiSchoolERP is the school management software that is created with an objective to plan and manage the school’s management. The software thus helps in facilitating better security of students.

Apart from the students’ safety and security, it plays a very important role in keeping a detailed record of the vehicle number, vehicle type, driver details, transportation fees, route details, attendant details and lots more. Thus, it helps the school management to keep track of every little thing to streamline their tasks.

The transport module in the school management software is something that although not directly contributes to education, but plays a vital role in adding security and peace of mind for parents. The software is accessible to parents that help them to check their ward location in real-time.

Learn How the Software Helps the Educational Institutes?

  • Student information: The software keeps the information of students getting into the bus. Thus, it helps management in knowing the student and the corresponding bus number that helps them to track the information in a seamless manner.

  • Route information: The software has the route information to reach multiple picks up and drop location. Along with this it also has access to update the route information in case the driver switches the route in conditions like traffic or roadblock. The new route information will be updated in the system of school and send to parents via SMS alerts.

  • Tracking bus information: Apart from the route, the parent can now gain the basic information of the transport vehicle as well. Bus number, route information, driver’s name, and other important information, time of pick up and drop off all can be easily accessed with the right use of the school management software.

  • Record of Repairing and Maintenance of Bus: Along with students’ security the transport system also helps in keeping track of the finances of the school. The highly robust feature of the software keeps track of every repair done on a school transport vehicle and helps in calculating the maintenance expenses.

  • Transport fee management: Also, it makes it easy for the management to generate the actual fees of the student including or excluding transportation. It reduces the hassle of work and helps in streamlining every work process of the organization.


The transport management module of the ERP software helps the user (school management and parents) to generate reports on Transport allocation, route wise allocation, route details, transport fee report, and attendance report. Thus the software brings assurance of better safety and security, thus helps in promoting the name of the education firm. The feature like a transport module in the school ERP software is the key to better management that plays a vital role in the growth and development of the schools.

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