Collecting Fees and recording data of every student is quite tedious and demands a lot of time and money. Earlier the schools and other educational institutes had to perform a different task for the generation of fee receipts, cancellation of fee receipts, retrieving previous fee payment information and lot more. Not only it takes time but it also increases the chances of multiple errors.

With the growing technology and introduction of many software like the school fee management system streamlines the whole process. It plays a vital role in reducing workload and play a very important role in managing school accounts. With the system like fee management educational institutes and schools are now able to maintain a complete track of fee paid by the student, pending fees, advanced payments and a lot more.

Important Features of the Fee Management System

  • The major drawback of manual fee management is human error. With the school management system, it becomes easier to manage a collection of school fees, issuing fee receipts, managing the collection of school fees, issuing fee receipts, maintaining and generating reports inconvenient and paperless management.
  • This automated software offers an online fee structure that records the student information in the database and also enlists the additional information related to fee payment plans installation, school policies, concessions, due dates, scholarships, and lot more. This module of fee management accelerates the work of fee collection, receipt generation and in the reduction of human error.
  • Also, the system introduces various modes of payment including online that simplifies the process of fee deposition and collection. Various methods include cash, cheque, challan, credit card, debit card, band transfer, and demand draft. Thus it helps in hassle-free management of fees.
  • Along with the general tuition fee, this software takes care of other fee categories like transport fee, picnic fee, hostel fee, and school uniform charges. All the information will be recorded in the database and notifies parents with text or mail regarding fee payment or due payment. It is also helpful in creating a customized report of fee payment, cash flow and a lot more.

Benefit for Choosing jiSchoolERP for Fee Collection

  • User-Friendly: Our software jiSchoolERP with all the important module including fee management is user-friendly and offer great assistance to schools to collect fees in a few steps. The software has easy dashboard navigation that collects and process fee payment in a paperless mode.
  • Secured: The software has role-based access control in a multi-server environment thus is safe and prevents error and discrepancies.
  • Generate Fee Reports: It helps in generating various types of fee reports like term fees, semester fees, tuition fees, miscellaneous fees. Also, the software is advanced and helps in tracking remaining and unpaid student fees detail.
  • Real-Time Notification: The software record all the information and update parents and students about the fee payments. It sends real-time notification, reminders, messages, SMS alerts, emails and a lot more.
  • Highly Customizable and Flexible: The student management software help in personalizing fee structure and avail discounts accordingly. Also, it helps in edit or add fees and in collecting penalties without any problem.
  • Maintain Transparency: The software makes the process of fee collection clear and transparent. It helps in tracking the whole record and in alerting the management about the fake transactions.
  • Holistic Account Management: It creates a complete profile of a student that contains all the required information including demographic information, parent information, and contact detail. The school management thus can track any required information in a seamless manner.


So, if you are running a school and facing a hard time in maintaining the fees then now upgrade your school system with the highly advanced school management software. We offer the best and fully automated software solutions that offer the best benefits as mentioned above. To know more about our software, browse our website and look deep into the product features and benefits.