Reaching your home after a long hectic day at the office, we simply need a break, maybe a power nap instead. Right? Obviously, every working person wishes to relax after their busy schedules. In the case where both the parents are working, it becomes tiring to take out time and check their child's academic status. But the forward technology has brought a sigh of relief!

Starting right from the student registration form, getting fee alerts, attendance updates, and other alerts about school events, the latest school management systems have lent a helping hand to the parents and school administration.

Want to know in depth how a school management software can uplift the parents communication? Keep reading this blog and get a clear idea.

How Can Parents Benefit from School ERP system?

Introducing school management software has made lives easier not only for students and the faculty members, but they have been a blessing for the parents too. Parents can now simply rely on the solutions offered by this software and parallel balance their professional life too. By now you would be curious about how this software will benefit parents towards their student's growth. Right? So, we’ll just have a brief look at how implementing a school management software will turn out as a blessing for parents. After all, raising up your kid in the best comfortable way is the foremost priority.

Top benefits of a parents portal

  • Academic reports: Instead of visiting the school only on PTM's, parents can get a regular update of their kid through an online platform. No need to wait for a PTM which will be held after 6 months, simply login to the panel and go through the progress of your child. This will present them a clear view which will help in improving a child's performance in the future.
  • Vehicle Tracking:  Parents can easily track their child's bus location and get an idea where they have reached by now. This helps them to stay carefree about their child's security and rely on the parent portal.
  • Online Fees Payment: Instead of standing in the queue to pay the fee or pay late fee fine, parents can pay the fees online via the portal. Moreover, they can get reminders and alerts over the portal about the last dates of fee submission.
  • Exam Scheduler: Parents get a notification of upcoming exam schedule, seating arrangement and other information related to the examination. This can help them to keep a track about the exams and prepare the child accordingly.
  • Assignments: Parents can get daily update about the assigned homework, assignments, holiday projects, submission dates via the portal. This works best in case the child is absent on or leave for some days.
  • Attendance: The attendance status is sent on a daily basis on the portal. Parents can get an idea about the presence of their child and even check the monthly attendance reports on a regular basis.
  • Alerts & notifications: If you are aware of your kids daily homework, assignments, holiday homework, and projects in advance, it becomes easy to manage their time at home. As the teachers will already have a clear schedule of all the information, it’ll be easy for them to deliver it to the parents about the upcoming assignments and projects.

How jiSchoolERP can assist you?

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