Every year we get to hear some new schools which recently opened in our city. In fact, not one, many schools are set up every year in India. The main aim of the school owners is to grab the parents attention and thereby meet more profits out of it. What's more, amid this entire process, they fail to deliver quality education to the students. Apart from offering quality education, schools even fail in several other areas including- student security, parents communication, transport tracking, and a lot more.

No doubt, having a good infra at your school is a basic necessity, yet focusing on the quality of education and the learning experience of students is an equally important thing to consider. There are certain challenges and problems which schools are either unaware of, or are ignoring. So, there is a need to focus on the main challenges which resist in the education sector and look for the best ways to overcome them.

Challenges in the Indian education system

Here is a list of top challenges which are faced in the Indian education system which needs to be addressed immediately to deliver better learning experiences to students. 

  • Student admission process: During the peak admission sessions, there are a hundred of parents who wait for hours at the reception area to get the information regarding the admission criteria and other things. And on the school staff's part, it becomes difficult to address every single parent while providing the right information to them. 
  • Student security factors: The safety of our children is paramount. Designing a school security system is a delicate balance of maintaining a free, open, welcoming, creative, and educational atmosphere while still offering a secure location for kids to learn and ease parents’ worries. If your school needs a new or upgraded security system to preserve the safety of its students, you’ll need the best securitry arrangements.
  • Managing accounts & fee section: When it comes to education, it sometimes seems that there is no end to administrative tasks. Between filing paperwork, keeping sound documentation, and maintaining financial resources, a lot of work must be done to keep a school running smoothly. Fortunately, automated fee collection software is an option that can help increase efficiency and improve the effectiveness of administrative staff.
  • Communication gap with parents: Generally parents get the student's performance report only on monthly or quarterly PTM's. Right? In between, they have no idea what their kids are doing and in which all subjects they need to improve. This further results in falling academic performance of the students.
  • Paperwork reduces academic efficiency: Teachers and other faculty members spend most of their time while marking attendance, preparing mark sheets, and other paperwork. This time gets compromised with the academics and the teachers have less time left to focus on academics.

How a School Management Software Can Assist you?

Once you are aware of the problems which are existing in the education sector, you would definitely look up for some platform which can automate the complete manual tasks and manage every task like a pro. Isn't it? No worries! There are certain school management solutions which can assist you in automating the complete schooling process and thus reduces the burden over your school administration staff. 

But before you make an investment in school management software, take out enough time, make a thorough research of their past reviews, study their features, and once you feel satisfied, go for it. Otherwise, look for some other alternative school management solutions. Have any queries? Get in touch with us and get assistance from our experts.