Although the school is a place where people send their kids to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge, these days it becomes scary for most of the parents especially living in big town and cities to send off their child to school. The biggest alarming effect is the concern of parents to send their child in the school bus. They remain tensed and stressed until their child returns to home in the evening. Their concern is obvious as the number of bus-related issues is increasing day by day.

On seeing this concern, the School ERP software comes with a better solution by introducing a bus tracking system. This system tracks the school buses effectively and helps in updating parents by generating real-time notifications. The technology and the software prove to be a boon for school authorities as well as for parents thus offering peace of mind.

Benefits of School Bus Tracking System

  • Addresses Safety Concern: The foremost benefit of the bus tracking system is it assures parents about the safety of their child. With a bus tracking system, the parent's are able to get the real-time information of their child's location. The parents received the notification for unscheduled stops, if the bus took another way from the usual one, thus helping parents in getting a quick solution during an emergency situation.
  • Simplifies Management: The jiSchoolERP has integrated GPS bus system that adds on the convenience for the school authorities. It helps the school authorities to manage the routes and bus schedules automatically. It also helps them to make changes in exceptional cases thus help the school management to save time and energy during re-routing and re-scheduling at the time of need.
  • Improves Efficiency And Savings: Analyzing the routes and schedules manually might cause an error that results in monetary losses. You can prevent yourself from facing such issues by using a school bus tracking system. It helps you to know about the distance covered by each vehicle thus help you in calculating the fuel charges. Thus a school management authorities can easily calculate the total experience and also help you know about its efficiency of the buses.
  • Offer Peace of Mind: Integrating your school management system with the school management software with inbuild bus tracking system provides peace of mind to parents and to school authorities. The real-time notification acknowledges parents and school administration the reason behind the delayed school transportation.
  • Enhance Driver Safety: Following the school bus driver and to ensure that whether they are following essential road safety rules or not is always possible. But with the bus tracking system, you can easily access the details of the vehicle like speed, acceleration, braking, and turning of the bus. This helps you know whether the driver is driving safely and is following the road rules or not.


So the growing technology and the integration of bus tracking system in the school management software reduces parents' tension and concern and help children to move from home and school safely. To know more about the school bus tracking system and effectiveness in offering a better environment to school children get in touch with us.