How do you manage to inform all the students in case of emergency holidays? Or let me ask what do you do in case the exams are postponed? Maybe you would say that by calling each parent or dropping an email. Right? Or there are any other alternatives too? And what if the email you sent wasn't opened by the parents and the students reach the school?

This generally happens in all the Indian schools. Agree? Students reach the school, get to know that it's a holiday, and then get back to their home. A total waste of time of students, parents, as well as for the school administration. But don't worry. Technology has a solution to every problem. Want to know how? Keep reading, we have answers to all your queries.

How School ERP can enhance communication in school?

As the lives get busier and more consumed, we have got surrounded by a lot of tasks every moment. We can't afford to waste a single second. And when the parents are paying a good amount to the schools, they expect a lot in return. Security of their kids, their academics, co-curricular activities, and of course they demand regular updates about their kids. With the introduction of school management solutions, things have become better while reaching the expectation levels of the parents, students, and staff as well.

Certain school management solutions have introduced mobile applications for ease and comfort. Thereby, uplifting the experience and enhancing the communication amongst the students, teachers, and parents. You would be wondering that what all benefits will these apps have. Right? So, let's not waste any more time and get a quick overview of how these apps will benefit us.

Student App

  • Check timetable, datasheets, and examination details: All the important information including date sheets, class timetables, seating plans, and other necessary details can be received with the student app to stay updated.
  • Check the project submission dates, assignments, and homework: There are times when the students are absent and they have no idea about what happened in the school on that day. Students can get the daily homework updates, assignments, and even the project submission dates over the student app.
  • Getting doubts & queries clarified: Getting doubts clarified can be made easy as the students can interact with their teachers at anytime even after school hours. Thereby, enhancing their learning experience.
  • Get updates on the school's functions and other events: All the students are always curious about the upcoming events, sports competitions, annual functions, fests, and a lot more. Using the app, students can get the information in advance about all the future events and prepare themselves accordingly.

Teachers App

  • Share updated attendance records with parents: As the school ERP system simply transforms the manual attendance management system, teachers can quickly prepare the attendance reports and even forward the daily attendance reports to the parents.
  • Enhance communication with other staff members: Teachers have a lot of important tasks to discuss with the other staff members like discussing the substitution periods, and a lot more. Teachers app can save the complete time and even make the communication better for the staff.
  • Clear queries of students instantly: As the students have a lot of queries and doubts especially when the exams are on the head. The teachers can thereby clear the student queries over the app and save their time as well.

Parents App

  • Track student progress: Keeping a regular check about how the kids are performing in academics becomes easy for parents. The parent's app presents the updated records of students to the parents.
  • Alerts & notifications: Fee reminders, late fee submission, date sheets, and other necessary information is shared with the parents almost instantly via the parent's app.
  • Student feedback: Parents can get their students academic feedbacks from teachers on a regular basis about how their kids are performing in every single subject.

How jiSchoolERP can assist you?

If your school administration is still managing tasks manually, it's high time that you try out jiSchoolERP and realize how easy schooling can be. jiSchoolERP lets you streamline all your school tasks including the necessary modules like fee management, transport management, examination, visitor management, library, and a lot more. So, what are you waiting for, sign up now and discuss your requirements with us!