The school management software is specifically designed for schools and educational organizations to lessen the burden of school management and teaching department. It also helps the school organization to perform their duty in a highly efficient manner. With the school management tool, the school management and teachers are able to perform tasks like managing attendance, preparing exam schedule, payroll management and many more easily and proficiently.

But in order to make the software work as defined, it is good to consider some of its top features. Have a look and make a smart decision while introducing the same in your organization.

Top Features To Consider While Choosing The Right School Management Software

Consider grade and school level: There are different grades of an educational organization like schools, colleges etc and each of the center is different in its own way. Talking about these organizations all have different needs, responsibilities, and management tasks to perform. This results in a difference in instructional requirements and hence make it essential to look for software that meets the basic needs of your organization accordingly.

Can be customized: Since school management software demands one-time investment and therefore it is essential to pick the one that is right for your educational organization. So before stepping out to purchase the product, it is necessary to analyze and understand your school needs. Generally, an ideal school management solution is the one that offers flexibility and adaptability. So make sure that the software you choose can be customized as per your school requirements.

Should be affordable: Since every school management has its own budget to run the school. It is therefore very important to consider the cost of the school management software before purchasing it. Invest proper time in digging the details of the software and prevent yourself from making expensive deals. By choosing the right and reliable tool like the jiSchoolERP proves to be worthy and offer long term benefits to your organization.

Should have security features: Most of the time it happens that your computer crashes and you lose all your data and important files. Isn't it? Imagine if the same happens with your school desktop. You would, of course, lose the whole school administrative data and stuck in a difficult situation. It is, therefore, very important to consider backup and security function having key features like cloud backup and separate hard drive backup.

A good backup tool also ensures the security of the device thus preventing it from the attack of hackers. Make sure that the software has an in-built firewall and antivirus protection.

Should have remote access and networking capabilities: The software tool you choose for your school administration must be accessible even off-site. Since the exploring services of the internet have made networking seamless, it is now possible to move software into the cloud thus offering remote access to the teachers at school and even when they are on vacations.

To Whom School Management Software Is Beneficial?

Choosing the right school management software is highly beneficial to the school ecosystem. It means it proves to be advantageous to the usual stakeholder of the school that includes administrative staff, teachers, management, students and even parents. It eases various day to day task in the school thus help the school to grow and accelerate its progress. 


Choosing the software tool after considering the above factors will help you in making a wise decision. If you are ready to get the best tool for your school, make jiSchoolERP your first choice. It offers the best solution for the whole school management task and is available at an affordable price too. Contact us now to know more features of our product.