The advancement in technology and the extraordinary use of smartphones has expanded the use of social media. A good social media platform directly affects the personal, social and professional life of an individual. There is uncertainty that social media has influenced our lives inside and out. It makes us progressively advance and helps us to socialize in a better way. With so many benefits, the use of social media should not be left behind from introducing into the school administrative system.

A social media if used wisely has changed the way of the education system functions. This has influenced many educators and social administration staff to include the use of social media in their administrative system. This helps them to enhance classroom activities and many other ongoing activities in the school. Also, social media help the schools to improve their online reputation and promote the positive learning center in the school.

Thus, social media is the most ideal way for school managers to acknowledge others about the significance of their school comprehensively. So if you are still confused and thinking whether to introduce social media in your administrative system then continue reading and adopt changes to accelerate the growth of your school.

Why School Administrators Should be Actively Present On Social Media?

The front image of the school is depicted by its administrative system. It is therefore very important to have the best organizational system and also to keep looking for innovative ways to improve its working. Currently, the best way to boost the regulation system in your school is active participation in the social media platform. There are infinite and marvelous benefits of incorporating your school on social media. Some of them are discussed below.

  • To target a wider audience: A social media platform is used widely to engage much organization with their communities. It has turned out to be a standout amongst the best stages where individuals can share their perspectives and can think about the most recent news and exhortation. Many parents too explore the social media page of the schools before admitting their child in it. So it is essential for the school administrator to create and get involved in social media task and pull-in more parents towards their school.
  • To keep parents and students update about school events: The school system nowadays not only revolves around classroom teaching but has expanded its border beyond the walls. They organize various events and activities that help the students to caliber their talent. But updating parents about these events by sending an invitation is a tiring and time-consuming task. Social media can reduce this burden and make it easy for the schools to connect to the parents and to update them about various events. This saves time, money and labor of the school organization.
  • To create your school online presence: Through social media channel schools, colleges can present their school's and student's achievement on various platforms. Thus your achievement will not get limit to your school boundaries. This enhances your school image and also encourage students to participate and give their best in every platform.
  • To enhance the reputation of school: Posting pictures of the students, teachers, events etc on the social media and updating the same at the regular interval of time would engage your school and community in a discussion. If you have a school website where you post a blog every week, you can increase its viewers by posting the same on Facebook. Getting more readers, like and share of your blog will help in building your school image.
  • To share live events with parents: Schools also organize many in-house events like Teacher's Day celebration, Children's Day celebration and many more where parents are not allowed. This results in parents to miss the chance to view their child's performance. But with the use of the social media platform, it now becomes possible for parents to be a part of every event that takes place in their child's school. Parents can do so by viewing the live videos shared by the school admin on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • To get the best trainers to train the teaching staff: The developing innovation has prompted the improvement of different tools that have brought about making a smart education system. There are many tools that help teachers to explain lessons to students in an easy way. But it is essential to train teachers to use these tools. One can do so by accessing the latest videos related to the same on the social media platform. All these parameters will ultimately help in the promotion of school at the global level.


If you are already using such platforms, then it is great going towards popularizing your school, but if you haven't made your school page via web-based social media it is ideal time to kick it off. Along with socializing, you can use great education tools like jiSchoolERP which helps your school to achieve success and become the best platform for delivering children's education.