What all thoughts strike your mind when you are waiting at the bus stop for your kid and the school bus doesn't arrive? Maybe the bus met with an accident on the way back, or something happened to your kid, or the kid was left at the school itself, and what not. There is an endless number of things that come up in our mind. Isn't it?

But, take a sigh of relief! As with the advancement in technology updates, latest school management software already covers the transportation management system in their framework.

Transport management system in School ERP systems

In recent time, school bus tracking has now become an essential feature which every school demands. A transportation management system helps in managing transport operations effectively and track bus routes regularly for the safety of students. It makes it easy for the parents that where their kids have reached and even get real-time updates of the bus. Let's explore more how school bus tracking is going to benefit the parents and the school administration too.

  • Keeping parents updated: GPS tracking devices which are a part of school management software allows the parents to keep a track about the bus arrival and departure timings on a daily basis. So, parents can reach the bus stop at the exact time and know that their kids will reach the bus stop safely at the mentioned timings.
  • Increased student safety: When the children enter the school bus, it is solely the responsibility of the school administration to safeguard them during the bus journey. Bus tracking makes the students safe while they travel with the help of GPS tracking and help in making safe pick-ups and drops. This brings a sigh of relief for the parents too as their kids are safely reaching the home.
  • Consolidated reports: Keeping regular and updated records of all the available school buses, driver details, list of students traveling in a particular bus, details of the complete bus routes of the buses, etc are all included and managed automatically while we talk about school management software.
  • Real-time tracking: As the bus tracking systems have GPS and geofencing already equipped, it becomes easy for the parents and the school administration staff can easily track the exact location of the school bus.
  • Better driver security: It is very important to know how safe are your school buses. GPS tracking helps to keep accountability of all the bus drivers. If the drivers are driving safely or not, does any driver driving rashly, or any other security measures can be notified to the drivers in advance itself.
  • Improved fleet efficiency: When the school budget is tight and there is a need to cut costs, GPS fleet tracking will be quite helpful for the schools. You can also reduce the fuel cost by tracking the idle times spent by the drivers.

jiSchoolERP: A bus tracking equipped school management software

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